Discover three structure units for basins, three ways to keep everything within reach.

In that space where we show ourselves as we are, natural and without fanfare, the open bathroom cabinets leave any possible artifice behind by committing to transparency. Leaving their content exposed, they allow you to show your best by combining their simplicity with the maximum functionality. In order to have all your toiletries close at hand, we present three structure units for basin that will not only solve your storage needs, but will also provide style and personality, while helping to make the bathroom space appear larger, thanks to their magnificent simplicity.


Carmen, the return of the vintage bathroom

By reinterpreting the most charismatic vintage basins, the evocative Carmen collection opts for an open metal bathroom vanity, full of memories. Manufactured in stainless steel, this structure unit for vanity basin is wall-mounted, while its two legs, with a sophisticated curved outline, rest on the floor.

With a length of 800mm and a depth of 500mm, the furniture unit features a functional towel rail under the basin and a spacious glass shelf that will make all the difference by providing a refined surface where you can see the bathroom products you use the most. You will be able to play with the shapes of the containers combining shades and sizes to add a touch of style and colour to your vintage bathroom.


Prisma, the most versatile simplicity

Versatility defines the lightest storage solution of the Prisma bathroom furniture collection. Set on four rectangular legs, the classic stainless steel is also the base of this structure, available in various sizes.

With five available lengths, between 600mm and 1200mm, Prisma allows you to combine the open bathroom cabinet with several basin options: without shelf, asymmetrical with shelf or the functional double vanity. All different possibilities include a towel rail and a white shelf where you can place everything you wish to have on hand or those elements that define you.


Furniture structure iron prisma

Natura, the naturalness of wood

The warmth of solid wood takes centre stage in the structure unit of the Natura collection, in a clear commitment to naturalness.

In its two available lengths -650mm and 850mm-, the unit features a towel rail under the basin, resting on four quadrangular legs. The contrast with natural wood is brought by an ample white shelf, in which you can decide to continue recalling nature by placing plants or inspirational elements on it.

The Natura collection allows you to store even more exposed content in an auxiliary bathroom unit: a column unit that combines three exposed white shelves, height-adjustable, with a closed compartment.

Because storage solutions can be permeated with the naturalness and transparency of the bathroom, go for open furniture units and decide what you want to reveal about yourself.

Furniture structure wood Natura