Just as Modernism and Art Deco found inspiration in nature to design amazing furniture and buildings, the Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake has created over countertop basins that set new standards with curved and organically inspired shapes. A collection that brings together the delicateness of materials and the vitality of design.

Ohtake combines the subtlety of lines with the incredible performance of Fineceramic®, a 100% porcelain material that enables the production of basins that are 40% lighter and 30% more resistant. With a thickness of only 5 mm, the walls of the Ohtake basin are fine and delicate to the touch and guarantee high resistance and maximum durability. Moreover, its inner uniform surfaces, free of any nooks, prevent the buildup of dirt and are very easy to clean without fear of using abrasive products that might damage the enamel.


Versatility is another feature that turns Ohtake into the best partner to bring personality to any bathroom space. Available in six colors, these over countertop basins offer a wide range of possibilities for the interior design of any personal or professional project. In Pearl, Onyx or Coffee, you will obtain a marked contrast that will attract all the attention.  The lighter tones, such as Beige, Matt White or White, will highlight purity even more without disregarding audacity in the design of the bathroom space. Resistant and wildly original, choose shape and color and dare to express your amazing personality with a basin full of charisma. What are you waiting for?