A Nordic bathroom vanity has to be functional but also natural and welcoming… Have you already chosen yours?

Wooden finishes, rustic details and simple shapes that leave out anything superfluous… Nordic bathroom vanities are inspired by the cold northern winter to advocate a warm home in harmony with nature. Originated in the Scandinavian countries, this style is much more than a decorative trend, it is a way of conceiving life that reduces the unnecessary to emphasize what really matters: turning our home into a space in which we can comfort ourselves. In the bathroom space, a Nordic bathroom vanity delves into this special feeling of well-being without disregarding functionality. Have you already decided which one to choose?

Wooden finishes for nordic bathroom vanities

If you wish to replicate the charm of Nordic houses, you should opt for comfortable wooden finishes. In textured City Oak and Nordic Ash, base units like Storia or Lander will add a warm and modern touch to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. With the former you will have a configurable bathroom vanity in which every detail can be customized. Mix its six modules -open, with door or with drawers- to suit your needs and customize them with the different basin options in over 10,000 combinations. With Lander, on the other hand, you can opt for a modern cabinet with a compact style and design down to the floor and benefit from its outstanding storage capacity and organization systems that will help you classify objects more easily.

Nordic bathroom vanities to attract light

Inspired by the cold countries of northern Europe, the Nordic style aims to make the most of natural light by opting for open designs and light colors. To achieve this, there is nothing like choosing a cabinet with no drawers and a white finish. Manufactured in wood, with simple lines and a visible structure, Natura is the quintessential Nordic bathroom vanity. Under the basin, it features a white shelf that leaves all toiletries in plain view and integrates a practical front towel rail that contributes to the personality of the ensemble.

Nordic bathroom vanities that prioritize practicality

As a comfortable home is a simple home, Nordic decoration cannot be understood without practicality, without realizing that balance is having what you really use. Also available in City Oak and Nordic Ash, this is the proposal of The Gap, a functional base unit that can be installed wall-hung or using legs, which is available in up to 24 different sizes with practical details such as an optional side towel rail.