Smart bathroom furniture, with interior lighting or manufactured in innovative materials and finishes.

Whether you are a geek always searching for the latest in technology, or a cool hunter in interior design and decoration, there is modern bathroom furniture specifically designed for you. With interior lighting so that you can easily find what you are looking for or synchronized with your mobile phone to keep you connected at all times, there are models to suit any whim or storage need. We present bathroom furniture with a length of up to 1600 mm with doors or spacious drawers, combined with original basins that will allow you to play with their sizes, shapes and finishes. Care to join us?

Stratum, always connected modern bathroom furniture

If you cannot imagine your life without a mobile phone, Stratum joins your passion for gadgets. This modern bathroom cabinet features Bluetooth® speakers you can connect to your smartphone to listen to your favorite tunes at full volume. If this were not enough, these smart solutions have an additional socket and interior lighting with motion sensor so you can more easily see everything you store in its spacious drawers.


Available with a depth of 500 mm and maximum length of 1300 mm, the Stratum bathroom furniture units innovate with partitions in various sizes, so that you can safely store objects with different heights. To complete the ensemble, the collection allows you to stand out with any of its two modern finishes: Gloss White or Yosemite.


Beyond, design bathroom furniture

With Beyond you will not have to choose between design and performance, you can have it all! Especially now that the collection offers six different finishes for its countertop and over countertop basins, manufactured in the light and resistant material Fineceramic®. You may not only choose color, but also texture, with the pleasant mineral touch of Surfex®, Roca’s Solid Surface available in many vanity basins.

If you have a large family or if you do not know where to store all your toiletries, the Beyond collection for modern bathrooms will surprise you with its 1600 mm long model, featuring four spacious drawers. Roca’s largest base unit is surrounded by other elegant and functional solutions in Gloss White or City Oak, where you can combine the drawers with a practical side door.


Inspira, very fine basins for modern bathroom cabinets

If you have an eye for details and believe that the smallest sign can provide maximum sophistication, you will be amazed by the unique finishes of the Inspira collection and its refined over countertop and countertop basins.


Available with feet or as modern wall-hung bathroom furniture, you can choose from Gloss White, textured City Oak or City Oak with Dark Mirror. If you wish to take a step further, explore the exclusive Round, Soft and Square design of its basins manufactured in Fineceramic®, which highlight curves or define more angular silhouettes. Apart from its drawers, Inspira also allows you to place toiletries on the asymmetrical shelf of its vanity basins. And if you wish to differentiate yourself even more, do not hesitate to add its auxiliary units with full-length mirror and automatically activated interior lighting.