Roca basins set the trend with original forms and materials, becoming the real stars of contemporary bathrooms.

Some decide not to follow the rules… And certain objects help them do so. Modern basins, with original shapes that defy traditional washbasins with pedestals, are a good starting point for those wishing to make their bathroom a different space filled with personality. Manufactured in new materials with outstanding performance and textures and thanks to designs that make them stand out on furniture units, the new Roca basins offer endless possibilities in an elegant colour palette.

Organic curves

As natural as the skyline and the oval shape of eggs, curved lines provide a feeling of movement. The Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake pays tribute to this organic shape in this over countertop basin. With very fine 5 mm walls, Ohtake basins are manufactured in Fineceramic®, a material that is 40% lighter yet 30% more resistant than traditional ceramics. Maximum delicateness and sophistication are available in an oval format. Moreover, Ohtake offers a wide array of finishes to suit every need. Those who prefer calm atmospheres opt for the brightness of white, matt white, or beige, while those in favour of striking hues choose pearl, onyx, or coffee.

An explosion of colours and shapes

With rounded edges, avant-garde designs focus on pleasant and enveloping forms. The lines of the Beyond collection adapt to modern spaces with different materials, finishes, and shapes. Totem basins stand out for their forceful presence and volumes. Contemporary and timeless, this collection offers the extraordinary features of Fineceramic® and fits into any interior design thanks to its wide array of finishes. The onyx finish and a rose gold faucet can be the ideal combination for an urban interior with an industrial touch. And the elegance of the pearl finish is perfect for classic compositions that wish to add some colour.

Warm and soft touch

The research into new textures and materials allows for unique designs with different nuances. For these personalized spaces, Roca proposes modern basins with a warm surface, very pleasant to touch, and incredibly subtle. A combination of minerals and resins, Surfex® is the exclusive material that gives life to Modo, a collection of custom-made basins that stand out for their elegance and practicality. Thanks to their outstanding malleability, it is possible to create wall-hung solutions with one, two, or even four bowls in entirely uniform and even countertops. In their Round, Soft and Square versions, matt designs provide brightness and can be complemented with an optional towel rail.

Simplicity takes centre stage

Simplicity and naturalness create open spaces that avoid any excesses. Roca’s Inspira collection proposes basins with pure and exquisite lines. Extra slim designs manufactured in Fineceramic® with Round, Soft or Square formats that provide the option of a countertop installation with barely protruding rims or a striking over countertop presence. These minimalistic pieces significantly increase natural light in modern bathrooms that focus entirely on white colour or become the centre of attention when a charming coffee finish is chosen.

Bold, dreamers, or drivers of change, those who dare to be unconventional look for innovative proposals for their homes. Options to choose from textures, lines, and colour to create the ideal layout for a modern basin that stands out for its design without foregoing extraordinary performance.