Surrender to this new proposal of bathroom tiles that recalls the iconic architectural works of the beginning of the 20th century.

Geometrical precision and sinuous and bright veining define a collection of Mid-Century Modern bathroom tiles in which Roca pays tribute to one of the most important architects of the 20th century, Mies Van der Rohe, and to his pavilion in Barcelona. Now one of the city’s emblematic cultural facilities, the building, which was designed to represent Germany in the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition, is a masterful combination of concrete, steel, glass and marble in perfect proportions. As a tribute, Roca has chosen five ceramic pieces that combine the surprising natural finishes of stone and the maximum performance of porcelain. A composition with endless color possibilities that will fill any environment with uniqueness and elegance. Inspired by ancient sites from Asia, Africa and Europe, these bathroom tiles play with light to generate a feeling of balance, strength and calmness.

The striking exoticism of Saint Tropez

From places as distant as India, Turkey and Italy, the shades of rocks have been selected to evoke the darkness of the sea with striking green, black, brown and gray veining. An exotic combination whose result is a very fine 7 mm thick polished porcelain tile. In 120 x 250 cm tiles, Saint Tropez brings sophistication to bathroom spaces.

Topazio, brightness from floor to ceiling

Rajasthan green marble is the essence of the Topazio series in which jade tones and ochre veining are delicately integrated. A fascinating play of natural stone variations that has been transformed into 7 mm thick bathroom tiles. Thanks to the possibility of floor-to-ceiling installation with imperceptible joints, these 120 x 250 cm tiles flood an entire room with their brightness.

Marble Nouveau, the uniqueness of golden veining

The result of a fusion between Renaissance gold leaf and ancient Egyptian lapis lazuli, Marble Nouveau brings exquisite elegance and depth to any space. With a marked contrast between the indigo and cobalt tones and the natural golden veining, this series is available in porcelain tiles measuring 120 x 120 cm and a thickness of 7 mm.

The natural iridescence in Marble Goya

The unique lines of onyx stone, the light of agate and the beige tones of alabaster combine in a bathroom tile of great visual richness. In balance with nature, the Marble Goya series recalls the shimmering iridescence of oysters and the solidity of a polished rock, thanks to its 8.7 mm thickness. In 60 x 120 cm tiles, this porcelain series floods the space with luminosity.

Marble Notre Dame, vibrant travertine

Delicate lines with various shades ranging from beige to honey make travertine an ideal material for the manufacturing of porcelain pieces of great subtlety. With a visual play of shades that reflect natural light, Marble Notre Dame is a polished 8.7 mm thick porcelain tile. Bathroom tiles of 60 x 120 cm that integrate into the design of warm and welcoming environments.

Along with its exclusive proposals, the collection inspired by Mies Van der Rohe also stands out for its environmental commitment. At least 25% of the components used to manufacture the shiny Mid-Century Modern bathroom tiles are recycled.