Ideas to renovate the bathroom with the warmth and brightness radiated by coastal villas in Spain or Italy.

Close your eyes and see yourself on an idyllic beach swayed by the wind… Immerse yourself in sensations that only a Mediterranean-style bathroom can create, taking you on a trip to that hidden cove where you can get lost in the rumor of waves. Be infused with millennial stories and ancestral cultures that inspire the spaces overlooking the Mare Nostrum… Houses with white walls and sunny interiors, ceramics, wood or wicker in bathrooms filled with details… With the most diverse natural textures and handcrafted pieces such as rustic tiles, we invite you to join this fresh and luminous decoration, a style as eternal as the blue color that inspired it…

Bathrooms open to the outside

Watching the horizon from a corner of the unspoiled Formentera, mingling with the hustle and bustle of a port in Sardinia… You can imagine endless images around the warm Mediterranean Sea, but surely the sun is always part of them. In order to align with you and make the most of its energy, the Mediterranean decoration will provide you with different keys: windows without curtains or in sheer fabrics and light colors to reflect its light. Be inspired by villas on the Greek coast and turn white color into the real star of your bathroom, combining it with fresh hues such as blue or livelier ones such as ochre, red or green. And to provide the necessary flow, do not forget basic accessories and choose minimalistic bathroom furniture… Only then will you be able to design open spaces that will become your own haven of peace.

Power to nature

In Mediterranean-style spaces light needs to circulate freely and so does nature in all its forms. To decorate the bathroom, combine plants and wild flowers, or rescue shells from your seaside strolls… And if you install over countertop basins in wood, bathroom faucets in a vintage style or wicker baskets for your toiletries you will feel that every detail counts to provide balance to the ensemble.

A handcrafted touch, natural finishes and the most diverse textures

Visible wooden beams, plaster, cement or stone walls combined with rustic tiles or hydraulic tiles… To provide the real character of modern Mediterranean decoration, there is nothing like different textures —also in lamps, stools or bathroom mirrors— to highlight the originality of crafts and to make you feel closer to the sea… And do not forget glass, that noble material that offers its magical transparency so that in your Mediterranean-style bathroom only the fundamental stands out, all those elements that define you without overdecorating the space and letting light and energy flow freely…