Fill your bathroom with style by installing products with colored finishes that add character and sophistication and will make this space an extension of your charm and personality.

The time has come to close your eyes, reflect on what you wish to convey and take a step further in the choice of details for your bathroom space. This is the time to decide the perfect color and make unique combinations, thanks to a wide variety of faucets, baths, basins and shower trays Roca puts at your disposal. A range of chromatic options that will allow you to reflect your sensibility. Let creativity take hold of you and seize your color palette…

Onyx and rose Gold, the perfect combination

Selecting the right finishes is key to creating an exclusive atmosphere. The Everlux coated faucets are available in Titanium Black, rose Gold and Brushed Titanium Black to let you choose the best combination with the finishes of vitreous china. Opt for the metallic attraction of rose Gold in faucet collections like Insignia or Naia and choose the charm of Onyx for the vitreous china pieces.

For the bathroom space you may select a practical and safe thermostatic faucet like T-1000 Round and complement it with a Stella Stick hand-shower and a RainSense shower-head with rain effect. If you search for a column that stands out for its design and versatility, opt for Even-T in its Round version with shelf. And to take every detail into account, customize your bathroom space even more with black bathroom accessories like the towel rails or robe hooks from the Rubik or Tempo collections.

Combination of textures and finishes

Surrender to the pleasure of Surfex®, Roca’s exclusive material, which enables the manufacturing of joint-free pieces, with a matt texture and very pleasant to touch. With an innovative design, the Beyond collection includes oval baths in three dimensions to help you choose the one that best adapts to your space. And with Alena you will have a freestanding bath with an oval shape that adds a touch of sophistication to the bathroom. Be prepared to choose the outer finish that best combines with your vitreous china pieces and color your bathroom space with multiple options. In a very trendy style, Inspira and Beyond offer six different options –White, Matt White, Beige, Pearl, Coffee and Onyx- to let your creativity flow. And if you thought that a classic like Carmen was only available in white, you will be surprised to know you can install a black basin matching the WC.

Shower trays in perfect harmony

As if they were a mirror, Cratos vitreous china shower trays manufactured in Senceramic® are available in matt White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx to replicate the same hues as the chosen WC and basin. And if you are searching for incredibly soft textures, opt for the Terran, Aquos and Pyros collections, manufactured in Stonex®, with seven possible finishes: White, Beige, Pearl, Slate, Coffee, Onyx or Black. Also in this incredible material, the Helios shower tray will allow you to greatly enjoy its texture in two different versions: Aged Wood and Light Aged Wood. Finally, to add your signature to the style you have just created, opt for a Line shower enclosure with a black profile and fixed panels combined with swing doors.