If you already have innovations that make your life easier, why not make use of technology in your complete bathroom renovation? Transform personal care into a much more comfortable experience with mechanisms designed for total hygiene and devices conceived to keep up with your hectic life pace even in your grooming routines. As the bathroom space evolves with time, Roca has created a toilet that washes you with water, mirrors that light up without touching them and furniture units with Bluetooth® speakers.

With a minimalistic design that fits into any bathroom renovation style, In-Wash® is much more than just a WC with water jet. Intuitive and very user-friendly from the start, you can use it with a remote control or its side panel to adjust temperature and nozzle position and thereby enjoy a full anal and perianal wash. A highly hygienic experience in every sense as the removable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use, while water flowing through it undergoes a previous filtering process. The technological nature of In-Wash will not only transform your hygiene, it will also provide greater comfort as this smart toilet has a presence sensor that prevents its activation when it is not being used, as well as an integrated LED light, very practical to guide you in the dark.

The Prisma Confort mirror with motion sensor adds additional hygiene to modern bathrooms as it does not require hand contact to activate the lower light or the demister device. In a rectangular format, Prisma Confort is available in 7 sizes, from 600 mm to 1300 mm, so that you can adapt it easily to your complete renovation.

For those who appreciate technology in all areas, the Stratum base unit with basin is a solution that includes Bluetooth® speakers and a socket. Moreover, Stratum features interior lighting to help you find everything. And all this without sacrificing any storage capacity. Depending on the available space in the bathroom renovation, you can choose the model with a width of 900 or 1100 mm, or the 1300 mm option if you need a double sink.