You can now turn your shower experience into something unique by bringing the IoT to your home.

Designed to take charge, create customized experiences and put the Internet of Things (IoT) at the service of wellbeing and your loved ones, Roca’s smart shower will transform your grooming routines forever. As technology is only useful if it makes our life easier, Roca’s Smart Shower knows your preferences, is connected to you even if you are not at home and contributes to your water and energy savings. What are you waiting for? Get hold of one!

A commitment to design

With a thickness of only 12 mm, the glass panel of the Smart Shower offers an ultrafine design that fits into any shower space. Its screen displays the temperature, flow and water outlets, which can be selected and adjusted using capacitive sensors and ergonomic rotary controls with antislip surface. Sensors light up when active and their use is therefore very intuitive for any user.

Take charge

As there is nothing as comforting as finding a full bath or entering the shower and enjoying the perfect temperature, the Smart Shower can be programmed using a mobile device. From any Smartphone and using a free app, you can preheat water, prepare the bath and specify each detail in advance.

Save your preferences

Roca’s smart shower saves your personal preferences in terms of water flow, temperature and outlets in different user profiles. It is as simple as selecting your name on the display, opening the faucet and finding a water flow with the desired features, without having to program the system every single time.

Activate the child mode

Thanks to the mode that blocks the display, the electronic shower maintains the same settings even if the little ones play with the control panel. This prevents any accidental activation or the increase in water temperature.

Forget maintenance

With a self-cleaning mode that releases an intermittent pressurized water flow from all outlets, the shower effectively removes limescale and impurities. Furthermore, an additional program for total disinfection releases water at 70º for 6 minutes and removes possible bacteria like legionella, which can grow in pipes after long periods of disuse. Its surface can be cleaned with neutral detergent, which can be rinsed with water and dried with a soft cloth.

Save water and energy

The Smart Shower app allows users to monitor their consumption levels at home, encouraging a responsible use. Additionally, the system features a pause mode to stop the water flow while you lather up, which can be reactivated later with the same conditions.

Install it with no hassle

The installation of the Smart Shower is similar to that of any conventional shower, with the only difference that the mixer body and the power source need to be located at a minimum distance from the water outlets. As with any electrical installation, it needs to be carried out by qualified staff.