If you think wellbeing is synonymous with taking a long bath, opt for one of these Roca baths that combine style and durability.

Silent, resistant, comfortable… The cast iron bath takes us to the origin of this essential piece in any bathroom to offer classic and modern proposals that reclaim its importance as an element of wellbeing. Free-standing or built-in, colored or in a rigorous white, Roca has an array of proposals intended to reaffirm the role of the bath regardless of the style of your bathroom.

Noble materials and handcrafted tradition join forces in a piece with outstanding capabilities. Due to their special composition, cast iron baths have a high thermal isolation capacity that allows them to maintain the temperature stable for longer, thereby saving water and energy. Moreover, this mineral is also capable of absorbing sound waves, also working as sound insulator, reducing the noise of the impact of water. Finally, the mechanic resistance of cast iron ensures its resistance to shocks and to wear and tear. This, along with Roca’s exclusive glaze, makes them extremely hard, providing a shine that remains intact despite the passage of time, the impact of UV rays or the use of chemical abrasives.