It is the place where different stories come to life and our existence is celebrated. That is why a kitchen renovation is much more than just an array of aesthetic decisions.  As it is the space for family recipes, for conversations by the stove and for reunions with friends, at Roca we have spent years designing products for comfortable, safe and functional kitchens. We know it is much more than just a space to cook food and for this reason we bring today some of the principles that will transform this area in your home in a space where your soul is nurtured.

1. Comfort first

If you are about to change your kitchen, surely your priority is to choose a practical and functional layout. If this is the case, we invite you to install products that have been specifically conceived to make your life easier, such as the kitchen faucets with retractable spout of the Syra collection.

Both in its curved and angular design, Syra allows you to separate the spout from the faucet structure to bring water even outside the sink and easily fill pots and pans.

2. Hygiene and safety for those you love the most

As this is where you will prepare all your meals and a meeting point for family and guests, a kitchen space needs to be a safe environment. Products such as the quartz kitchen sinks are especially designed to provide peace of mind, thanks to their antibacterial qualities.

As they are manufactured in a pore-free material, Quarzex® kitchen sinks prevent the filtering of liquids and the absorption of difficult stains, as well as the proliferation of dampness and bacteria. In this way, in addition to making cleaning easier, they protect the area where you place most of the food you will eat later. Maximum safety for your loved ones, with sinks in up to three different colors and a pleasant natural texture.

3. Resistance that is synonymous with beauty

When you renovate such an essential part of your home, you should opt for long-lasting products. Thus, when renovating the kitchen, do not hesitate to choose the highest quality for surfaces like the countertop, with a fairly intensive use. Food, traces of water or trays coming from the oven will be placed on it. In order to reinforce the area around the sink and stove, we propose the incredible performance of the thinbig® tiles.

In addition to being highly resistant to impacts and scratches, the thinbig® kitchen tiles are not worn out by extreme temperatures, water or humidity. Maximum hardness in large-format kitchen ceramic tiles that will allow you to design a countertop with the dimension you require and match walls and floors to create an enveloping effect with the marble finish of Calacatta or the cement texture of Downtown.

4. Customized design

As performance should not be at odds with style, a comprehensive kitchen renovation should also take a look at the aesthetic side, to ensure every element fits into the ensemble, but also agrees with your personality. The Carmen vintage collection and the Loft avant-garde range offer two original and elegant faucet proposals, ideal for kitchens with a retro look or a certain sophisticated flair.

If you love twin-lever designs, Carmen proposes an ornamental kitchen faucet with evocative Victorian outlines and star-shaped handles. Meanwhile, Loft opts for a slim spout and cross-shaped handles in a timeless version, suitable for nostalgic and modern souls.

5. Saving and caring for the environment

Finally, to round off the renovation of your kitchen, make sure it contributes to saving and caring for the planet. Collections like Mencia are eco-friendly and promote a more responsible use of resources.

In Chrome, White, Black or Titanium, the Mencia kitchen taps feature the Cold Start technology, which prevents the involuntary activation of the boiler. You can work at your sink with total comfort without having to worry about unnecessary expenses: you will only consume energy if you gradually turn the lever to obtain hot water.