Boost your enjoyment in the bathroom with Roca’s Smart Shower. Make space for technology and be surprised by its advanced design and customized features.

Imagine jumping out of bed and finding the water flow at the perfect temperature in the bathroom. Imagine a smart shower in which, just by using a simple gesture, you can adjust, modify or stop the water flow to lather up and continue enjoying water in the same conditions afterwards.  Imagine having different customizable profiles so that you and your loved ones can set the shower to suit everyone’s taste. Stop imagining and make space for Roca’s new Smart Shower.

Advanced ultrafine design

Thanks to its minimalistic frame with a thickness of only 12 mm, the control panel of the Smart Shower hardly sticks out from the wall. An advanced design that includes a 4.3″ color screen, temperature controls and high precision water flow, as well as touch buttons with integrated light.

Intuitive use

The touch screen and ergonomic design of its rotating controls make Roca’s smart shower very user-friendly. Its buttons, which light up when touched, offer a very intuitive experience, even for children or the elderly.

Conceived to let you take control

The Smart Shower has been conceived to let you take charge. Download the app and control all functions from your mobile phone. Program your shower, fill the bath or check your water and energy consumption in the easiest way.

Fully customizable

Tell the Smart Shower how you want your perfect shower to be. Select the temperature, the flow and the water outlets.  Save these settings in your personal profile so you never have to do it again.

Completely safe

Activate the Children Mode to block the display and avoid accidental activations. The little ones will then be able to play with the smart shower as much as they like.

Shower and bath… Without waiting

Activate your shower from the mobile phone so that the Smart Shower provides water at the indicated temperature without wasting your precious time. The same happens with the bath. Select the desired temperature in the Smart Shower and simply let it fill the bath with the required amount of water.


Thanks to its cleaning program, the Smart Shower intermittently releases high-pressure water from all outlets to remove limescale and impurities from pipes and jets. Moreover, for thorough disinfection, another 6-minute program releases water at 72°C to purify pipes and remove possible bacteria.

And to round it off, savings

Roca’s Smart Shower provides consumption statistics to control family expenses. Moreover, its display also features a “pause” mode that shuts off the water flow to let you lather up without wasting a drop of water. When you resume the shower, you will continue enjoying water in the same conditions.

Surrender to the benefits of Roca’s digital shower. Take control of your wellbeing and bring the Internet of Things to your personal grooming routine without having to give up the maximum comfort, safety and efficiency for the entire family.