With more features and new dimensions, bathroom cabinet mirrors increase storage capacity for greater comfort.

The best partner in your grooming routines, the cabinet mirror is also a storage solution that will solve any possible space problems in your bathroom. This updated classic is back, with a minimalistic design and features like the integrated socket or LED light for homes that seek tidiness. With a 110º opening for better access to the inside of the cabinet, doors are highly durable thanks to their soft closing mechanism. Moreover, its neutral finish allows you to combine the cabinet with any other bathroom furniture without having to sacrifice your style. Discover the new possibilities offered by the Eidos and Luna models and discover why they are the ideal combination of comfort and aesthetics.v

Eidos, more space and light

Due to its multiple options, Eidos both fits into guest bathrooms or into bathrooms of different dimensions. With an additional mirror on the back of each door, this cabinet allows you to keep everything tidy in the two shelves included in each module. Available in 600, 800 or 1000 mm, Eidos complements the storage capacity of the base unit and provides customized solutions by combining different configurations. The energy-efficient LED lighting on the upper section adds precision to every task in front of the mirror and the integrated socket adds comfort to the experience with a power connection with no visible wires.

Luna, increased functionality

Ideal to store small objects or keep toiletries tidy, Luna is available in different formats, 600, 800 or 1000 mm. This cabinet mirror can be customized with one or several doors depending on the storage needs of each home. Moreover, in the 800 mm model, the reversible door can be installed to the left or right based on the distribution needs of the bathroom space. With two height-adjustable shelves in each module, it is easier to keep objects in different sizes tidy. On the other hand, Luna can be complemented with a 300 mm Starlight spotlight that provides energy-efficient LED lighting to the upper section of the mirror.