Column units, cabinets, auxiliary units and bathroom shelves to organize all your toiletries.

In a space for the entire family, the auxiliary bathroom units become essential to have everyone’s toiletries close at hand. Install a column unit or a bathroom cabinet to store the largest items or choose a shelf to add a touch of color to the interior design. Adapt the auxiliary units to the space, choose their design according to your taste and allow yourself to play with mobile solutions, which can be shifted inside your bathroom.

When looking for auxiliary bathroom units, the first ones to come to our mind might be the columns, because their slim and elongated design makes the most of the vertical space. In different models, colors and finishes, bathroom columns are ideal to store the bulkiest items such as towels, or for each member of the family to be assigned a shelf where they can organize their toiletries.

If you have a small bathroom, there are smaller column units to make the most of each centimeter by installing them over a toilet or a bidet. Use these compact bathroom cabinets to store toiletries that take less space, for instance, a first-aid kit.

In smaller bathrooms, such as guest bathrooms, the originality of mirror cabinets allows you to enjoy auxiliary bathroom units. Use them to have your toiletries close at hand, such as bars of soap or toothbrushes and toothpaste.

When what matters is not to store, but rather to display colorful containers, inspiring plants or decorations, what we need are bathroom shelves. In greater or smaller format, with their content in plain view they could be the definite key to the decoration of your bathroom without preventing you from using them to organize your toiletries in the open.

Finally, you should know that among all the auxiliary bathroom units you will find functional solutions that do not require installation. With the Suma collection, you will have bathroom units that stand on the floor and are ideal to fill in that corner you were wasting. The best thing about these auxiliary units is that you can choose them with wheels to move them around and to suit your needs.