The more time you spend in your bathroom, the more you realize how important it is to keep it tidy. Discover the best solutions to achieve this without stretching your budget.

Balance, design, comfort. Roca bathroom cabinets help you place everything in its right place and find the right space for everything. As we have spent more than one hundred years helping households in the configuration of their bathroom spaces, we now present an array of carefully selected practical solutions. Modern or classic, large or compact, there are as many furniture units as ways of understanding the world. As keeping everything in order facilitates your daily routines, we invite you on a journey to discover different furniture possibilities.  And to help you even more with the organization of your toiletries, you can add a practical optional towel rail or install a cabinet mirror to add more storage space.

The Gap, a furniture unit to suit your needs

Regardless of the style of your home, you will find the perfect design in The Gap, as it stands out for its large finger pull handle and its pure straight lines. The ideal option for small bathroom spaces is the compact 500 mm unit and starting with this dimension, you can choose multiple configurations of up to 1200 mm. Choose the ideal Gap Square or Round basin for your base unit or highlight the shape of the bowl with an over countertop option. There are multiple finishes to choose from -Gloss White, Textured City Oak, Nordic Ash, Arctic Grey or Anthracite Grey- that will allow you to add a personal touch to your interior design.

Romea, romantic style

In Romea, the delicateness of shapes and the warmth of finishes are a nod to the classic style in furniture. Depending on the dimensions of your bathroom space, choose a 600, 800 or 1000 mm wide format with two large drawers that will allow you keep everything tidy. Moreover, you can add a matching mirror in matt White or dark Grey to provide greater harmony to this elegant design.

Victoria, neutral and functional

A highly functional unit, Victoria offers a design that stands out for its impressive storage capacity that meets the needs of everyone at home. Available with drawers or doors with ergonomic metallic handles, this furniture unit guarantees maximum durability thanks to its soft-closing mechanism. Choose the individual configuration between 600 and 100 mm that best adapts to your space and opt for the double bowl in a width of 1200 mm. Moreover, there are four timeless finishes that will stand out in any interior design: Gloss White, Textured City Oak, Nordic Ash or Anthracite Grey.

Storia, the configurable furniture unit

With over ten thousand possible combinations, the modules of Storia will allow you to customize the furniture unit to meet your needs. Doors, drawers and open shelves can be combined depending on your own expectations. Choose the vanity, in countertop or over countertop basin you like best in the Round, Soft (with soft angles) and Square formats. The choice of manufacturing materials is also impressive in Storia, as you can opt for the sophistication of Surfex® in impeccable White or the subtleness of Fineceramic® in six finishes. Moreover, to unleash your creativity you have four color options for the furniture unit. A wide range of possibilities to find the style that defines you best, without dimensions being a limitation because you can do your own composition, with a width ranging from 600 mm to 2000 mm.

Beyond, sophistication

In modern bathrooms with an urban style, Beyond is the perfect choice due to its innovative design. There are up to four dimensions that range from 600 mm with two drawers to 1600 mm with four to adapt to your space and meet your storage needs. You can opt for a refined basin in Surfex® in pure White or for the delicateness of Fineceramic® in six different colors. Find your perfect combination with one of the four available finishes for the furniture unit – Gloss White, Nordic Ash, Textured City Oak or Arctic Grey- and the result will be a design with a marked contemporary character.

Prisma, smart storage

The blend of harmony and practicality finds its expression in Prisma. With five dimensions that range from 600 to 1200 mm, the great qualities of this bathroom cabinet can be found in its interior. Internal dividers in different sizes to adapt to what you need to store and a hidden drawer to keep smaller objects are good examples of smart storage. Choose from Gloss White, Anthracite Grey or Ash to lighten up your bathroom space and if you like the color combination, opt for a White front with sides in Ash.

Inspira, refined elegance

With a refined minimalistic design, Inspira is an option for bathrooms that stand out for their pure choice of textures. Ranging from a width of 600 to 1000 mm, it features two large drawers with divisions in different dimensions.  You will add sobriety and simplicity to your bathroom space with any of its three finishes – Gloss White, Textured City Oak and Textured City Oak with Dark Mirror- without disregarding the extraordinary quality of its select materials. With very slim walls thanks to Fineceramic®, Inspira basins stand out in their over countertop version and there is also a vanity option for total integration.

Need more space?

To add storage space and complement the bathroom cabinet, we propose a solution that is very practical: cabinet-mirrors. Discover all the possibilities offered by this striking piece to keep your things tidy.

With upper LED light and integrated socket, the Eidos cabinet mirror is your partner in your daily grooming routines. Available in three sizes -600, 800 or 1000 mm-, it stands out for its storage capacity. Moreover, you can choose between one or several highly durable doors, thanks to their soft-close system.

The additional functional space of the Luna cabinet mirror will provide more comfort to your bathroom space. Available with one or several doors with soft-close system, you can opt for any of its three dimensions: 600, 800 or 1000 mm. For greater comfort, you can complement it with a Starlight LED spotlight.

As you have seen, in the search for alternatives to help you organize your bathroom space, at Roca we improve designs and create new features that really provide solutions for your pace of life. Visualize the bathroom cabinet you require, choose the style that best suits you and enjoy all its benefits with the peace of mind and guarantee that it will be with you for many years to come.