Improve Your Makeup Routine With These Simple Bathroom Upgrades

Breaking down the best ways of making up

If you’re like most homeowners, your bathroom was installed by someone for whom makeup application is not exactly a top priority. The typical bathroom configuration is fine for most tasks, but when it comes time for daily makeup routines, it can often fall short. Fortunately, these limitations are easily overcome with a bit of design creativity. There are plenty of simple bathroom ideas you can implement that can drastically improve your makeup routine.

LED Mirrors

Most of our social interaction takes place outdoors or in buildings where natural light from windows intermingles with mellow lighting from above. Yet many of us carry out our makeup routines under garish fluorescent lighting that casts unflattering shadows and creates discoloration – and which moreover bears no resemblance to the light we’re in the rest of the day.


The right bathroom lighting is essential for making sure you can clearly see all the elements and angles of your face, and for confirming that the shade you see inside the bathroom is the same one others will see outside. Mirrors with built-in perimetral LED lighting solve these problems. Similar to ring lighting, these mirrors provide soft, direct lighting that illuminates your face with warm colour, closer to the lighting in the real world. If your bathroom lighting isn’t making you look good, you’re not seeing the real you.


(Pictured: Roca’s Luna round mirror with perimetral LED lighting)

Anti-Fog Mirror

Experts recommend you wait up to ten minutes after showering to apply makeup, allowing your pores to close before applying product. But on one of those hasty mornings where you slept through your alarm and are running late for a meeting, that’s not always an option. In these situations, an anti-fog mirror is a great bathroom hack that can save your makeup routine. These mirrors have built-in demisters that prevent fog from building up on the surface, meaning they stay crystal-clear no matter the situation.


(Pictured: Mirror with LED lighting and demister, from Roca’s Prisma Comfort collection)

Magnifying Mirror

Mirrors do a wonderful job of showing you what you look like – from precisely one angle. When applying makeup, this isn’t always enough. An auxiliary mirror can give you the extra view you need to make sure you’re looking your best from all sides. Magnifying mirrors go a step further and can give a zoomed-in view, making sure you can see all details of your face from all angles.


(Pictured: Wall-mounted magnifying mirror from Roca’s Hotels collection)

Overhead Lighting

If you want to enhance your lighting but don’t want to change your mirror, attaching an overhead light is a great option. These lights give the benefits of perimetral lighting (sometimes called “task lighting”), but can be attached to already existing fixtures.


(Pictured: Roca’s Starlight LED spotlight)

Vanity Units

For some of us, makeup is a quick procedure that can be managed in a matter of minutes; for others, it’s an odyssey that governs our daily schedules. In either case, when doing your makeup, it’s important to be able to find whatever you need, whenever you need it.


This is where vanity units come in handy. Vanities are great ways to maximize space in the compact bathrooms found in most modern homes. They unite the mirror, basin and storage drawer in one place, so you can keep all your necessities close at hand. Their built-in drawers are storage powerhouses, which means that those of us with an overload of beauty products will have no problem keeping everything tidy. Add organising boxes to keep even the tiny items like mascaras and lipsticks in order.


(Pictured: Unik vanity unit in matt green finish with two drawers and basin, from Roca’s Ona collection)

Many of us spend not-insignificant sums of money each month on beauty products, though when the time comes to apply them, we are forced to do so in disorganized spaces which lack proper lighting. Fortunately, there are several simple adjustments you can make in your bathroom which can improve your makeup routine without much hassle or cost.