Smart bathroom furniture, mirrors with light and shower-heads to create your personal haven.

Because your bedroom is your small sanctuary, where you like to have everything you need and what makes you happy, an en-suite bathroom is the best option to create a grooming space where you establish the rules. Integrated in the bedroom and only accessible through it, a bathroom in the bedroom is always linked to the search of privacy. Today we encourage you to customize it with furniture connected to your mobile phone, invigorating shower solutions and smart mirrors that will make you want to stay there forever.

Bedroom with bathroom, and with a smart furniture unit!

When you design an en-suite bathroom you search for a private space in your room that ensures maximum wellbeing and makes your life easier. What better way to achieve this than with bathroom furniture featuring the latest technologies? A true benchmark in terms of connectivity, Stratum not only offers an additional socket and sophisticated interior lighting, but also Bluetooth® speakers you can connect to your smartphone. Can you imagine it? You can now shave or dry your hair while you listen to your favorite songs and quickly find everything you need, thanks to its light and practical storage system including drawers in different sizes and even a concealed one for your valuables.

Enveloping and made-to-measure LED lighting

Because we do not always need the same things, or because the bathroom in your bedroom can also be a bathroom for couples, the fact that every solution can meet different demands is surely a plus in terms of comfort. There is nothing better to achieve this than a bathroom mirror with perimeter light such as Iridia, which not only allows users to adjust the intensity of the lighting, but also enables them to demister the mirror, thanks to its demister device. If you already have a mirror, trust the innovative functions of the Smartlight spotlight, with a remote control to adjust the brightness and temperature of the light. And not only that, you can also choose from three different settings —make-up, shaving and ambient light— for full customization.

Shower-head: the perfect time for disconnecting

You sometimes feel like choosing what to do, but other times you just prefer to forget everything… Ideal to provide shelter to your worries and thoughts, the Raindream shower-heads have been conceived for your relaxation. Find refuge in your en-suite bathroom, stand under the water flow in its rain function and be hypnotized by its round or square design in different dimensions. See for yourself how the different water outlets can comfort you to fully transform your mood.