As there are as many styles in bathroom faucets as there are homes, choose the one that best adapts to your needs.

Classic, minimalistic, touchless or colored… Changing the basin faucet allows you to modify the personality of the bathroom space or add technological features for greater safety and efficiency in your grooming routines, that is why Roca has a wide range of proposals for all kinds of styles and needs.

If you want every detail to fit perfectly into the whole, design will be an essential element when choosing. Thus, a twin-lever faucet with star-shaped handles will fit into homes that wish to recall the past with classic taps. Those who seek modernity opt for minimalistic or geometrical lines while more dynamic users will go for daring shapes like the joystick or will experiment with the color of Titanium Black, Rose Gold or brushed Titanium Black of the exclusive Everlux coating.

As for efficiency, Roca’s basin faucets innovate with proposals to save energy for an adequate use of resources. The Cold Start system prevents the accidental activation of the boiler as the front opening of the faucet is reserved to cold water. On the other hand, the Softurn® technology provides a high level of precision and softness in the handle. Not to mention the integrated flow limiters that ensure a considerable reduction in water consumption.

Finally, if you wish to obtain more safety and hygiene in the bathroom space, a touchless solution will allow you to open and close the faucet without using your hands. With motion sensors in the base or the spout, Roca’s electronic faucets activate the water flow and can also be easily installed with batteries.

Insignia, color and sophistication

With a stylish side lever, Insignia provides sophistication and avant-garde design with energy efficiency solutions like the Cold Start opening system and the Softturn® technology. Thanks to its Everlux coating, you can choose from original finishes like Titanium Black, Rose Gold and brushed Titanium Black.

Pals, the precision of the joystick

The delicate and ergonomic joystick of Pals allows users to obtain water with the maximum precision and little effort. With the exclusive Evershine coating that ensures its brightness in spite of use and the passage of time, this modern basin faucet is highly durable thanks to a protection mechanism around the handle that prevents water from filtering into the cartridge.

Loft, twin-lever modernity

If you are looking for a modern twin-lever faucet, Loft features cross-shaped handles with a pronounced curved spout in basin and built-in versions. And to avoid hand contact, you can opt for touchless models with a sensor integrated in the spout.

Carmen, a tribute to the past

Faucets with star-shaped twin levers and undulating silhouettes that take us back to the 1940s are the key of a faucet collection that travels in time. Carmen vindicates a classic style without sacrificing innovation with features like the Evershine coating for a long-lasting shine.

Naia, geometrical shapes

Thanks to the careful combination of planes and cylinders, Naia fits into minimalistic bathrooms with pure shapes. Equipped with the Softurn® opening system, you may choose between the chrome coating of Evershine or the finishes of the Everlux coating: Titanium Black, Rose Gold or brushed Titanium Black.

L20-E, a touchless solution

With a motion sensor in the base of the spout, L20-E guarantees maximum hygiene without touching any surface. With a smooth body and fine curves, this electronic faucet features the Evershine coating for permanent shine and allows users to pre-select the cold or pre-mixed water flow for constant temperature.