Ideas for creating a spa bathroom experience in your home

A more holistic spa bathroom space can be achieved with subtle design features and elements of nature.

With an increased focus on self-care and well-being, it is no wonder that many people are transforming their bathroom space into a rejuvenating spa-like environment to encourage a peaceful moment within the daily routine. A combination of clever design tricks and choosing the right accessories and furniture, can help make your bathroom space feel like a luxurious spa.

Water – a symbol of refreshing the spirit and cleansing the soul – is always a key element in any  treatment or spa experience. In a personal, at-home bathroom space, this could take the form of a big, beautiful bathtub which anchors the room. A vintage clawfoot tub or a modern take on this style, creates a romantic atmosphere to indulge in leisurely soaks with a book and maybe a glass of wine, while a more contemporary tub with whirlpool features is a dream for soaking sore muscles after a long day. If the space doesn’t allow a bathtub, don’t despair. Showers with added features for different flows, temperature controls, and built-in shower jets for added pressure will do the trick. Smart showers allow customisable features for an ideal shower experience every time and many also have self-cleaning options for easier maintenance. This is luxury.


(Pictured: Rainsense shower head for ceiling or wall installation)

Spa space with Roca shower

Continuing with the natural elements, materials such as stone, ceramic and wood also tie in with the spa-like atmosphere. Stone floors or furniture collections that have wood grain finishes, such as crisp Artic Grey or Light Oak, bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a spa space and peaceful environment. Adding plants or wall decoration that reflects nature, such as a poster of flowers, trees, or the ocean, adds to the overall relaxing ambiance.


(Pictured: Asymmetric left corner Stonex® Ona bathtub in white finish, Ona faucet)

Roca spa bathtube with neutral tones

When it comes to colours, soft, neutral tones set the right mood for a for a calmer space that is free of distraction. Try beige and cream colours on the walls and surfaces, including washbasins and finishes, or deeper, earthy tones like darker brown for a refined look. Blues and darker greens, for the walls or furniture, also work well for a spa-like space; blue evokes images of the sea and sky while forest green is associated with trees and the outdoors reinforcing those relaxing moments in your spa bathroom.


(Pictured: Stonex® oval Ariane bathtub in pearl/white finish)

Free-standing Stonex Roca bathtub

Organic forms create a link with nature and the body. The Ohtake Collection washbasins were inspired by the undulating pattern of waves and also the shape of an egg. Its sculptural form adds beauty to any space and naturally makes using it a positive experience. Choose shapes and forms that feel good to use and add a sense of happiness.


(Pictured: Over countertop basin Ruy Ohtake in white)


Ohtake over countertop basin

Lighting is an important element to consider when creating a resort-like atmosphere. Low lighting is key, but good lighting is essential, especially when it comes to grooming and applying makeup. Lighting can be warm and subtle throughout the space with integrated lighting or hanging lamps, while clear overhead lighting – not too white or bright – is important at the mirror. Some mirrors  have built-in illumination features, and for better effect, it is possible to add subtle spots to hang lights just above the mirror.


(Pictured: wall-mounted soap dish in matt black)


LED Spotlight over mirror. Roca

Another important design element for a home spa bathroom, is a well-organised and uncluttered space. Accessories such as elegant chrome or matt black soap dishes or attractive over countertop soap dispensers keep things looking organised, as do trays – both integrated in furniture units or over countertop. Heated towel racks are a small indulgence that make getting out of the shower a pleasant experience, which is the main goal of a spa-like bathroom space – to generate a feeling of comfort and contribute to a more holistic lifestyle.