The modern bathroom is not just a functional space, but also a place for relaxation and enjoyment. It has evolved to become a space where creativity and functionality converge. This is a place where we can disconnect, improve our health and appearance and pursue some of our hobbies. 

Whether it is a small or large bathroom, the key is to transform it into a haven that promotes well-being and contributes to a positive state of mind. This is accomplished through the use of specially designed sanitary facilities, unique decorative elements, and innovative features. 

Designer bathroom

Roca’s Nu faucets add a boost of energy to any minimalist bathroom. Their bright, saturated colours and eye-catching shapes provide a playful touch to your morning routine. Imagine how striking a white washroom would look with a honey yellow faucet or a bathroom with dark blue tiles, only interrupted by the white accessories offset by white accessories from the Hotels range.  

One of the most significant advances in bathroom design in recent years is the possibility of recreating a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. By using a shower column with hydro massage, wide flow spray, and therapeutic water jets, you can feel rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Smart bathroom

Technological advances have made the bathroom experience easier and more enjoyable. Say goodbye to stepping into a shower that's too hot or too cold. Roca's Smart Shower allows for customisable profiles, so each person can set the water temperature to their liking. 

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