Light colors on tiles or bathroom furniture, elements from nature and light, plenty of light!

Because the most comforting warmth can come from the most intense cold, a Nordic-style bathroom will provide access to a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Discover that, by using light hues you can compensate the lack of natural light or that, inspired by nature, you can feel optimism and a sense of wellbeing. All for you to surrender to the Nordic decor and the good vibrations of the hygge concept, to minimalistic design with a handcrafted spirit that emerged from the long Scandinavian winters to help you create an enveloping atmosphere in the bathroom, full of positive energy.

Brightness with light colors

Nordic style emerged to successfully meet a need: to fight the scarce natural light in Northern European countries. At the beginning of the 20th century, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark began to set themselves the goal of increasing brightness in their homes, eliminating curtains from windows or basing the bathroom decoration on pure colors such as white. This permanent search for light, together with their special conception of wellbeing at home, has resulted in a unique personality that uses soft and luminous hues to counteract the cold and dark days with interiors filled with light and warmth.

Enveloping nature

To truly achieve a Nordic-style bathroom you cannot simply use light colors on tiles or bathroom accessories, you need to go one step beyond and surround yourself with elements that make you feel really welcome. To transmit that warmth so well defined by the term hygge —the feeling of being comforted by the glow of a chimney— Nordic decor relies on nature, opting for wood on floors and bathroom furniture and for decorative elements based on plants and flowers. To provide a warm feeling, fabrics also need to be natural, like cotton, linen or wool.

Organic lines and geometrical shapes

In Nordic-style decor, the connection with nature is also present in its designs with pure and clean lines, with a minimalistic character and handcrafted inspiration. Functionality comes first and all artifices are discarded in basins and WCs with simple outlines or in Nordic furniture with imperfect finishes, with licenses such as the daring geometrical tiles that offer a counterpoint to the prevailing sobriety.

If you wish to light up your home, do not hesitate to renovate your bathroom finding inspiration in the warmth of the Nordic Scandinavian style. Put your trust in light colors, solid wood and natural finishes and, before diving into the bath, do not forget to add a few candles to provide the final touch.