As the origin of life, water has always been a source of health and energy, an essential resource that hydromassage baths bring to an ultimate level. Inspired by ancient thermal baths, modern baths not only feature water and air injectors to stimulate blood circulation, they also provide the possibility of a chromotherapy session to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. Be prepared for the perfect disconnection, the break you need to recover your vitality… You will be able to buy baths, either double-ended or individual and add features as appealing as a system to maintain the water temperature. Are you up for it?

Pure hydrotherapy

The Greeks, more than 1,000 years before Christ, were the first to confirm that water was not only used for drinking or washing, but also to improve our health and prevent ailments such as rheumatism. In pursuit of those beneficial effects, all Roca hydromassage baths feature water jets for therapeutic purposes, either located on the sides or directly aiming at the feet or back. There is nothing like a hydrotherapy session, with continuous or intermittent water jets, to have an effect on the most sensitive muscles and be able to cheer you up or even overcome injuries. With armrests or comfortable handles, these baths have everything to help you relax while the water flows…

Water and air jets at the service of your wellbeing

The next step is to surrender to an invigorating massage with air bubbles… Adjust the jets to your liking, select a treatment with water, air or both and let the antislip finish of these modern baths help you reach an unknown dimension of wellbeing. You will not only see changes in your skin, but also experience deeper transformations, such as stress relief or the activation of the cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation. Comfortable headrests and the ideal sound insulation to leave everything behind will be your allies to create the perfect environment in your hydromassage bath… A bath that will also be alert and warn you or stop working when the water temperature is too high.

Color lights for a comprehensive therapy

Roca hydromassage baths will conquer you with their healing effect, but they will also show you a new world of sensations. If you thought nothing could be compared to the water and air injectors, be prepared to be seduced by the LED spotlights of the baths with chromotherapy, color lights with the most diverse effects for an absolutely immersive session. Cheer up with white, reactivate with red or regain the vitality you have lost with yellow. If, on the other hand, you need to lower your pulse, use blue to relax or green to connect with nature. Program this therapy for as long as you need and if you find the perfect combination, save it to repeat it in the future. And forget about constantly adding hot water because these Roca baths are designed to always keep the ideal temperature. Can you ask for more?

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