How to save money on bills through simple bathroom upgrades

Save money with simple bathroom upgrades

As the costs of basic utilities continue to skyrocket, individuals are left to bear the brunt of the rising costs. In the UK, for example, energy prices are rising as much as 80% compared to previous years – and the situation is little better elsewhere. While there’s no substitute for intelligent lifestyle choices (things like turnings lights off when not in use and monitoring water usage are a must), simple alterations to bathroom design can generate big savings of resources and money while maintaining or even improving functionality. The result is a low-bills bathroom that’s easier on both the planet and the wallet.


Such is the case with aerators. Aerators are a simple way to start saving money – dead easy to install and sourceable at most hardware stores for about the price of a sandwich. They affix inside the faucet, separating the flow of water into many tiny flows with air in between. This minimal one-time investment can drastically reduce the amount of water that comes out of your faucet with zero noticeable effect on functionality.

(Pictured: Cala single-lever basin mixer in chrome)

Cala single-lever basin mixer in chrome


Thermostatic showers allow you to choose precisely the temperature you want, putting an end to all those minutes spent alternately scalding and freezing yourself while trying to fine-tune the shower handle. While the immediate effect of such moments might be an unpleasant tactile sensation, what’s worse is the realization that they add up over time to needlessly waste water and energy – and money. The one-time installation cost of a thermostatic shower might seem daunting, but it begins recuperating you money from day one – and giving you better showers in the process.

(Pictured: T-500 thermostatic shower mixer, hose and handshower)

T-500 thermostatic shower mixer, hose and handshower


Another way to save money via your faucet is by installing one that uses a Cold Start design. Most faucets open somewhere between warm and cold, triggering the boiler into action for even the briefest rinses, but Cold Start faucets open using cold water only. This small design change can add up to big energy savings over the course of a year. Like all the best innovations, Cold Start is as simple as it is effective.

(Pictured: Ona smooth body basin mixer in chrome)

Ona smooth body basin mixer in chrome


Two-in-one toilets save water by using it more than once. These ingenious units take runoff water from the sink (used for washing hands or rinsing toothbrushes, for example), filter it and reuse it in the toilet cistern. Not only do two-in-one toilets eco-friendly options that save you on your water bill, they also open up space for storage units, decorations or other objects. Using unnecessary water is, well, flushing money away.

(Pictured: Roca W+W wall-hung toilet)

Roca W+W wall-hung toilet

It’s an unfortunate myth that what’s good for one’s bank account is by nature complicated to install and bad for the planet. In many cases the reverse is true, and many of the greenest solutions for the home are simple ones which save consumers major money. There’s never been a better time to invest in solutions that save resources while also reducing drastically the amount of money you spend on them each month.