Leave holes and worries behind with bathroom accessories with no drilling, enclosures that are installed using adhesive or movable auxiliary units.

If you feel like making a change but fear being surrounded by bricks, mortar and noise, stop imagining how to renovate your bathroom without construction work. Find out it is possible to transform your more personal space with solutions that are both functional and easy to install. We present adhesive bathroom accessories, shower enclosures with no drilling or auxiliary units with castors conceived to renovate your bathroom with the minimum effort and without breaking one single tile.

Adhesive bathroom accessories: Rubik, Twin or Victoria

Three collections of bathroom accessories with no drilling, three options to avoid perforating tiles, thanks to the efficiency of first-quality adhesives. Choose a contemporary or classic style and surrender to the immense pleasure of renovating the bathroom without construction work, with the modern soap dispensers of Rubik, the toilet roll holders of Twin or the wide range of towel rails of Victoria.

Shower enclosures with no drilling: Naray

With a minimalistic design, the Naray enclosures also allow the fixing of their 6 mm thick glass doors with adhesive. Choose a front or corner entrance, left or right opening and enjoy the fact that in all possible combinations, you can forget all about the drill and its cumbersome holes.

Bathroom furniture with castors: Suma

Specifically conceived for bathroom renovations without construction work, the Suma auxiliary units can be installed with feet, but also with castors. Two sizes, two available finishes in these bathroom auxiliary units, which invite you to place them in a fixed location or to comfortably move them around whenever you need to.

WC seats and covers: Dama, Victoria, Carmen, Beyond…

Finally, another simple way of renovating the bathroom without removing tiles is to replace the WC cover. If you have had the same one for a long time, your Dama or Victoria Roca toilet cover might have deteriorated or you might prefer to have the latest model available in the collection. Thanks to its intuitive fixing system, you will be able to easily update your new Carmen WC with a dark Grey toilet cover or in the traditional White, and your modern Beyond model, with a WC seat and cover in Onyx or Coffee.