If you don’t know how to clean your resin shower tray, your enclosure or your WC we provide all the answers.

You have spent many months preparing your renovation, carefully choosing the materials… And now, when you think of how to clean your bathroom, you are worried you might damage something. To ensure that your Roca products will be with you many years, today we wish to provide you with tips on how to clean your enclosure, leave your shower tray as if it were new or make your WC shine. Discover how to achieve maximum hygiene and durability, while getting to know new products that are especially designed to make your bathroom a temple of wellbeing.

How to clean your shower tray or bath

Before finding out the tricks to clean the bathroom, you need to know what elements the bath or shower tray are made of. A vitreous china solution is completely different from an acrylic one or from any other compounds new to the market. In any case, all of them will be easier to clean if, after each use, you take the time to remove the traces of soap and water, to avoid the build-up of limescale.

Known as the most hygienic material, vitreous china stands out as the hardest compound, offering great results even with the most abrasive products. Due to its original composition, it might seem difficult to find out how to clean a Roca resin shower tray, but the truth is that a simple rinse with water will leave all Stonex® solutions as new, and the same happens to those manufactured in Surfex®. To keep its pleasant anti-slip texture intact, you can also use neutral detergent or household bleach, always applying them with a cotton cloth in circular movements and rinsing them with plenty of hot water.

How to clean your enclosure

Lime is the greatest enemy when it comes to cleaning your shower enclosure or bath. Therefore, right after showering, you need to rinse its surface with water always starting from the upper part. Use a rubber squeegee to remove every single drop and any trace of dirt. To keep it in perfect condition, often clean the glass with a wet cloth and occasionally add neutral soap. If you don’t see yourself repeating this process all the time, Roca offers enclosures including the Maxiclean® treatment, specifically developed to prevent lime from building up on the glass.

How to clean your WC

To learn how to clean your bathroom you need to learn how to clean your WC, the element most likely to get dirty and cause bad odors. Use disposable cleaning cloths or a cloth disinfected with bleach, to work on the surface, without forgetting a small brush so that the toilet cleaner reaches the last nook and cranny. To remove tartar, you can try bleach, but a natural mixture of vinegar and lemon will also work.

To make the cleaning of the WC even easier, Roca continues researching new materials such as Supralit®, a resin to manufacture WC seats and covers with zero porosity, including a revolutionary antibacterial treatment. The new Rimless design also contributes to more cleanliness in the bathroom, as it eliminates the rim of the WC and therefore, any gaps where dirt might build up. If we talk of specific products, the electronic EP1 operating plates feature a touchless operation and allow users to program an additional flush each 24 hours.

How to clean your basin

Finally, cleaning your basin will not differ from cleaning your bath or shower tray although due to its more frequent use, you might need to pay more attention to it. In order for the basin to be impeccable, you can choose a mixture of bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, a conventional cleaner or bleach, for difficult stains. Put your trust in materials such as Fineceramic®, which shapes the finest and lightest basins, but is also especially resistant to abrasive products.

If these tricks to clean the bathroom have not been the solution to stains and scratches in your Roca products, Customer Service will always be glad to help you solve any maintenance problem, also in the case of cracks and breakages.