Who said grey was dull and gloomy? Discover kitchen designs in grey hues and say goodbye to any existing cliché.

Challenge neutrality from the very heart of neutrality. Elegant, sober and modern, grey kitchens are one of the trendiest proposals, thanks to the extraordinary performance of innovative finishes and materials. In the shape of hygienic quartz sinks, durable countertops or kitchen faucets that are both original and efficient, we invite you to surrender to the unmistakable charm of grey color.

Grey kitchen tiles for floors, walls and countertops

If you have had an interest in grey kitchens for a while, you will have realized there are different ways of renovating the entire kitchen and that all of them are equally stimulating. In order to create enveloping spaces, you may choose large-format tiles that provide a continuity between floor and wall tiles or, quite the contrary, you can combine smaller pieces, embossed tiles or decorative frames to obtain the most surprising effects. Collections like Couvet or Weekend will allow you create a kitchen in grey with a whole array of options in Gris, Perla, Arena or Grafito: from smooth kitchen ceramics in 120×120 cm to hexagonal mesh in 30×30 cm, hydraulic tiles, pieces with geometrical reliefs or patterns that recall wallpaper.

If what you had in mind was a grey countertop and you wish to guarantee the maximum hygiene and durability, the perfect option is to put your trust in the hardness of Thinbig®, Roca’s large-format porcelain pieces. Resistant to scratches, abrasive products and high temperatures, you can choose your Downtown or Textil pieces in Gris or Marengo, and install them around the sink or even as a base for the stove.

A grey sink with a state-of-the-art performance

In the sink area, we suggest you experiment with other textures beyond the classic stainless steel. A combination of quartz and clays, not only does Quarzex® resist to impacts and high temperatures, it is also extremely hygienic. Depending on space and your needs, the single bowl of Riga or the double option of Oslo will allow you to install a grey quartz sink that adds the final touch to your kitchen renovation.

Grey kitchen faucet: Chrome or Titanium

Do not look any further: faucets can define the character of a kitchen. The Mencia collection offers original finishes that range from the traditional Chrome to the charismatic Titanium. If you wish to opt for contrast in your grey kitchen, the black-colored faucet will help you set a trend. In addition to its modern design, the Mencia faucets innovate with the Cold Start technology, in order to ensure the maximum energy efficiency.

Technologies, materials, textures and endless combination possibilities await you if you decide to design a grey kitchen. This proves there is plenty of space between black and white.