Going Green with Design in the Bathroom Space

From light mint to deep hunter, green is a colour of choice for the bathroom design

Organic design with the colour green has many positive associations, and it is known to be a mood lifter when applied in a room. With references to plants, trees and nature and also feelings of refreshment, warmth and peace, there are many reasons why using green in the bathroom space is a great idea. It has been named as one of five trends to look out for in 2023 in the bathroom space and here are some of the reasons why.

Green works well in small powder rooms as well as large, open bathroom spaces. In a small space, dark colours can create an atmosphere of intimacy and a more dramatic mood. Dark green walls with black or rose gold fixtures and soft, warm lighting creates a relaxing, meditative, or romantic feeling.

On the other side of the spectrum, a soft pastel green, such as mint or pistachio, is perfect for sunny, light-filled spaces. The soft glow of light green walls or tiles adds a cheerful tone to an otherwise white or off-white space, and it is a perfect contrast to light or dark toned fixtures and furniture. For an organic and natural style in the bathroom space, any hue of green paired with wood furniture is a great solution. For a lighter look, consider the subtle tone of Nordic Ash and for deeper toned aesthetic, Dark Elm or City Oak furniture finishes can work really well next to green.

(Pictured: Mini Pro furniture)

Over countertop basin with a black basin mixer

For a few years now, sage green has been a go-to colour for all rooms in the house, and with good reason. It is an almost neutral tone that feels earthy and warm and combines well with many other colours from browns and beiges to creams, blues and blacks. This is an ‘evergreen’ colour that never seems to get old. It is an elegant and inviting colour, perfect for a bathroom with a rural country-chic look and equally suited to more modern and urban styles.


(Pictured: Asymmetric Ona basin with matt green base unit with two drawers and Delta column unit in matt green finish)

An organic design space with Ona Bathroom Collection

(Pictured: Interior of drawer from Ona bathroom collection)

Green base unit and basin with storage space

Green doesn’t have to cover all the wall space, rather it can be used to add warmth and colour without being overwhelming. The shower space is a perfect way to add some colour, with a wall of beautiful, green tiles, perhaps small mosaic tiles or handmade ceramic ones, for a spa-like effect. For a lesser investment, apply green tiles to the backsplash of the bathroom sink.

Green can work in vintage-inspired bathroom designs – think pea green tiles for a more traditional vintage style or vibrant lime green for a fun, retro look; it can also work in a contemporary, streamlined bathroom; dark, forest green furniture is a sophisticated style that can be paired with a white or black washbasin and modern fixtures in matt black or other colours.


(Pictured: Vythos double-ended rectangular bath)

Green tiles for bathroom design

Bringing green into the bathroom space doesn’t have to mean a full renovation or redo either, rather it can also come in subtle touches and accessories. Big, leafy green plants is a great way to add green and bring in natural elements; if space is tight, small framed prints of plants, leaves or trees is a good way to add green. Prints can look great on white or cream-coloured walls and even green walls. Integrate elements of green through bathroom accessories from trays to soap dishes, towel racks to towels.


(Pictured: Ona over countertop basin with matt green base unit with two drawers, high neck basin faucet in matt black and round Luna Ambient mirror with perimetral LED lighting)

Furniture for countertop basin in green tones

Don’t hesitate with ‘going green’ in the bathroom space as there are so many different ways to do it. Find your colour tones and personal style and feel confident that your bathroom will be transformed in a positive way.


(Pictured: Ohtake collection)