Irresistible due to their design and outstanding softness, the freestanding resin baths become the stars in any space.

Delicate outlines that envelop our body, rounded angles that provide comfort… A freestanding resin bath will become the center of attention in any atmosphere due to its incredible texture and design possibilities. Manufactured in Stonex®, this piece offers great comfort without disregarding the sophistication of a modern bathroom or bedroom where it can be installed as a prominent element of wellbeing. In gloss white, Roca’s new models provide brightness and, thanks to the textured finish of their base, they offer maximum antislip properties to ensure safety in the bathroom. Moreover, the extraordinary resistance of this material to UV light and to abrasion caused by cleaning products guarantees its durability and perfect condition over time. Charismatic and with a unique personality, Kauai, Maui and Ariane are the three proposals manufactured in Stonex® to help you choose the one that defines you best.

Kauai, freestanding bath with exotic shapes

A stylish oval form and a narrow base are the exotic traits of Kauai, ideal to transform your bath time into a unique invigorating experience. With a dimension of 1600 x 750 mm, this freestanding bath stands out for its exquisite simplicity in spaces that shun any decorative excess.

Maui, classic lines in two options

The marked angles of Maui deepen the pleasant feeling of relaxation achieved in a bath. In its Round 1500 x 700 mm version, the slightly elevated backrest provides a very comfortable position. And for those who prefer a more quadrangular design, Square is available in 1550 x 700 mm with slightly curved side walls in the center.

Ariane, a large modern bath

Elongated and oval, Ariane is an elegant proposal that stands out in very spacious areas. With a striking personality, this 1650 x 750 mm modern bath offers a very appealing visual harmony due to the simplicity of its lines.