Discover subtle and very resistant materials, designs that never go out of fashion, innovative shapes and modern colors to renovate the bathroom.

Capable of providing charm all by itself, the choice of a basin can fully transform the style of a bathroom renovation. To be installed wall-hung, over countertop, as a vanity or as an updated version of the floorstanding basin like the totem column, choosing the shape and style of this piece will surely influence the interior design of the bathroom space, revealing the personality of the home it belongs to. From the most innovative materials to colored versions or the most original shapes, today we will tell you the history behind these four Roca basins that will not go unnoticed. Check out the special features of their design and why they are considered iconic pieces in the Roca catalogue.

Carmen, a basin with a history

A renovated version of the brand’s classic from the 1940s, the Carmen basin has given its name to Roca’s vintage bathroom collection in the 21st century. Manufactured in white or black vitreous china, the captivating personality of this classic is expressed in different versions: from the traditional vitreous china pedestal or a wall-hung version to countertop models and Unik vanity options.

Inspira, the lightest and more resistant vitreous china

Conceived as a minimalistic collection, capable of adapting to different styles as if it were a white canvas, the Inspira basins in its three design lines – Round, Soft (with soft angles) and Square- are incredibly light and resistant. They are manufactured in a porcelain material exclusive at Roca, Fineceramic®, which enables the creation of products that are 40 % lighter and, at the same time, 30 % more resistant. Available in the classic white enamel and also in Matt White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx, its delicate design finds a powerful expression in the over countertop versions, although there are also alternatives for a countertop, under countertop, wall-hung and vanity installation.

Ohtake, organic exuberance

The Brazilian designer Ruy Ohtake has conceived this original basin, which can be considered a real work of art. With organic lines inspired by nature, the ever-changing horizon and interestingly, the perfect outline of an egg, an Ohtake basin is capable of transforming the style of a bathroom space by itself. Specially produced in the exclusive Fineceramic®, these basins are particularly fine and resistant, allowing its walls to perform a charismatic dance with its environment. Available in White, Matt White, Pearl, Onyx, Beige and Coffee, its outline perfectly adapts to an over countertop installation with two models: an oval in 540x375x185 mm and a more rounded one in 375x375x175 mm.

Beyond, a design that takes a step further

Conceived to seduce radically non-conformist people, Beyond offers an innovative design in a proposal aimed at those who always like to go further. In its more extreme version, the Beyond totem basin is a robust one-piece structure with a solid design, rounded outlines and deck for the faucet. Manufactured in the extremely fine Fineceramic® vitreous china in White, Matt White, Beige, Coffee, Grey and Onyx, its charismatic design also offers a wall-hung version with integrated semi-pedestal, as well as countertop and over countertop models. In the Matt White finish, the wall-hung and Unik vanity versions are manufactured in the Surfex® mineral compound, allowing the creation of customized pieces with several bowls.