Combining an evocative design and a modern performance, floorstanding faucets for bath and shower reinvent themselves.

Enveloping, charismatic and sophisticated, freestanding baths stand out even more if they are complemented by a floorstanding single-lever faucet with a slim design. A proposal with fine lines that reinvents old-style faucets with modern features. Extremely precise yet simple handles, chrome plating with everlasting shine and hand-showers with the perfect length add charm and sophistication to incredibly modern models.

Pals, highly accurate

The slim joystick-like handle is the distinguishing feature of Pals, a highly accurate floorstanding faucet for bath. With almost no effort, the tap can be easily opened, offering the desired water flow. Its cylindrical design, with a height of 86 cm and integrated Stella hand-shower, is the perfect fit for modern baths with a delicate outline.

Atlas, elegance and functionality

With a height of 82 cm, the Atlas floorstanding faucet naturally stands out with elegance thanks to a solid cylindrical design along with a smooth-opening flat handle. Integrated in the design and with very fine straight lines, the Stella Stick hand-shower provides comfort and functionality at all times.

L90, innovative design

L90 is a proposal for freestanding baths with a floorstanding faucet in a quadrangular design. With the perfect alignment between spout and handle and a very urban character, the contrast with the cylindrical hand-shower adds dynamism to the design, highlighting its column even more thanks to a height of 78 cm.