Discover over countertop kitchen sinks with a rustic look and the most advanced features to round out your kitchen renovation

Warm and welcoming, vintage kitchens not only bring back happy family memories and peaceful moments, they also have that handcrafted flair provided by fireclay kitchen sinks. Looking back, who does not remember those firewood kitchens, the Italian furniture or the classic china cabinets filled with tableware. Today we invite you to return to the charm of retro style with white kitchen sinks in white ceramic, zero-porosity rustic kitchen sinks as resistant as easy to clean.

Fireclay kitchen sinks with one bowl

Because decorating a kitchen with a vintage style is not about dimensions or sizes, ceramic kitchen sinks are available in compact formats. If you need to save space, you can install the Beverly square kitchen sink and combine it with a crockery basket or a chopping board. If you have room for a larger bowl, the Lugano rectangular solutions can reach a length of 800 mm.

Rustic kitchen sinks with two bowls

If your vintage kitchen is large enough, you might want to enjoy the functionality of the double bowl, ideal to help you wash the dishes. Work comfortably in the Beverly fireclay kitchen sink with two bowls or choose between the two available models in the Leman collection, which include a small shelf in the back area.

Vintage kitchen sinks with bowl and drainer

Finally, if you feel like having an over countertop kitchen sink with drainer in your retro kitchen, Beverly also offers this configuration option. Move freely on its smooth and shiny surface without fear of causing any damage. Its striking hardness resists high temperatures and all kinds of shocks.