Finding your perfect WC

Discover ten essential terms you need to know when looking for a new toilet, from close-coupled WCs to soft-close seats.

Selecting the right WC can be quite a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Here we explain the key terminology, exploring different types of toilets and highlighting their benefits to help you make an informed choice.

1. Wall-hung

Ideal for small bathrooms, wall-hung toilets consist of a concealed cistern and a wall-hung bowl. A wall-hung design not only adds a modern touch to your bathroom space, but it can also make it look bigger, and cleaning below the bowl is made infinitely easier. Wall-hung toilets can be hung at different heights, depending on each person’s specific needs.

(Pictured: The Gap Round wall-hung WC)

Wall-hung toilets can be installed at different heights

2. Close-Coupled Toilets

In a close-coupled toilet the cistern sits on top of the bowl, so the two elements are closely connected. These toilets tend to be compact and have hidden pipes, making them a great option for a small bathroom. They are also quick and easy to install.


(Pictured: The Gap close-coupled WC)

An example of close-coupled toilet

3. Back to Wall WC

As its name suggests, a back to wall toilet means that the bowl is placed against the wall. The cistern is separated from the toilet bowl, and can be concealed or hung higher up, above the bowl. Separating the bowl and cistern can add a sense of space to a bathroom, especially if you choose to conceal the cistern.


(Pictured: Duplo WC concealed structure for toilet)

Back to wall Roca toilet

4. Concealed Cistern

If you have a modern, minimalist bathroom, you may want to consider a concealed cistern. This means that the cistern is built into the wall and not visible, with the bowl back to wall or wall hung. If you don’t have enough space in the wall, you can create a unit for the cistern behind the bowl.


(Pictured: Ona Wall-Hung Rimless WC and PL7 Dual operating plate for concealed cistern)

One of Roca’s innovative wall-hung toilets

5. In-Tank® Toilets

In-Tank® toilets are one of Roca’s most innovative toilet types. The cistern is not visible and is not built in either, it is integrated into the WC bowl. This all-in-one solution is great when you want a concealed cistern-look for your bathroom, but don’t have enough space for its installation. Roca’s In-Wash® with In-Tank® feature Roca Rimless® Vortex, taking hygiene to the next level with a 360º whirlwind flush system that covers the entire bowl up to four times. This smooth and efficient water outlet significantly reduces noise and turbulence, as well as energy and water consumption.


(Pictured: In-Wash® Insignia with In-Tank®) 

Toilets with integrated cistern

6. Smart Toilets

Smart toilets combine the bidet function with a toilet and include a range of functions to enhance the cleaning and user experience. Roca’s new generation of WCs, In-Wash® and Multiclean®, feature innovative technology for maximum hygiene and comfort. You can select front and rear washing, and with an easy-to-use remote control, you can customize water flow and temperature. Packed with numerous features, the design maintains a minimalist appearance, so it blends in with a wide range of bathroom styles.


(Pictured: In-Wash® Inspira wall-hung smart toilet

Smart toilets combine avant-garde technology and minimalistic design

7. Compact Toilets

These toilets have a smaller footprint as they protrude less from the wall than other toilet types, making them a great choice for tight spaces. Despite their compact size, there are no compromises in terms of user experience. The seat remains the same size as a standard toilet; only the space behind the seat that has been reduced.


(Pictured: The Gap square wall-hung compact WC)

Some toilets have a reduced size

8. Comfort Height Toilets

These toilets feature a slightly elevated seat compared to the standard WC, providing greater comfort for your knees and hips. Comfort height toilets are an ideal option for the elderly or people with restricted mobility.


(Pictured: The Gap compact comfort height WC)

Roca toilet with increased height

9. Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets feature a re-designed WC bowl, replacing the traditional rim with a smooth edge, allowing water to flow around the edge of the bowl during flushing, rather than from inside the rim. This innovative design makes Roca Rimless® toilets easy to clean and more hygienic by eliminating nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Enhancing hygiene levels further still, the flush system of these rimless toilets has been optimized for superior water force and distribution.


(Pictured: Ona wall-hung Rimless WC)

Roca Rimless toilet with an updated bowl design

10. Antibacterial toilet seats

Some toilets feature antibacterial seats

Discover the world of antibacterial toilet seats, made possible through innovative material compositions, including Roca’s Supralit® and Supraglaze®. Supralit’s zero porosity surface prevents the buildup of germs and bacteria, making it easier for you to clean. Supralit® seats are also extremely resistant to UV light and chemical agents, guaranteeing a high level of durability. Another groundbreaking innovation is Roca’s smooth Supraglaze® glazing with antimicrobial properties preventing the spread of viruses and growth of bacteria. These toilet seats are also soft close – no more slamming toilet seats!


(Pictured: Ona soft-closing Supralit® seat and cover for toilet)


To sum up, the abundance of WC options can be overwhelming, but with a good grasp of essential toilet terminology, you can now approach your decision with confidence and make a well-informed decision.