Explore all possibilities in the design of your bathroom space with colored modern faucets coated in Everlux.

Creating an atmosphere with character requires the choice of unique pieces such as bathroom faucets with a great visual impact. In Titanium Black, Rose Gold and brushed Titanium Black, products manufactured with Roca’s exclusive Everlux coating allow users to create exceptional spaces filled with personality. Thanks to the combination of noble gases and heavy metals, this very fine layer keeps its shiny or satin color over time. Moreover, it also features an anticorrosive and anti-limescale treatment, resulting in a surface that is extremely resistant to scratches and cleaning agents. Sophistication and durability in a wide range of faucet solutions.

Colored bathroom faucets

Roca’s Everlux adds an extra touch of elegance to every corner of the bathroom space. Basins, bidets, showers and baths achieve greater visibility with solutions in intense colored faucets. With its stylish side or front handle, the Insignia collection adds delicate details to its design and those who prefer the robustness of geometrical shapes opt for the minimalistic Naia collection.

Homes that require comfort and additional energy efficiency find a solution that customizes the bath or shower space with the thermostatic mixer T-1000 Round. Water at the ideal temperature in no time and a design with wall-mounted and built-in installation options. But if you have decided to install a thermostatic shower column in your bathroom renovation, there is nothing better than choosing Even-T Round, as its wall-mounted option will stand out even more with the color of choice.

In hand showers, color becomes the center of attention with two options: Sensum Round with four functions for maximum comfort and Stella Stick in its Round version with a narrow tubular shape. Moreover, it is possible to create entire sets and kits that include the color of choice both in the flexible hose and bath spouts. When designing shower spaces with a fixed water outlet, the Rainsense shower-head with a refreshing rain effect provides a touch of color in its square and round option and it is also possible to have the sophisticated Everlux finishes in wall and ceiling arms.

High-quality materials

Roca’s exclusive Everlux coating for modern faucets is the result of a thorough and innovative fusion of noble gases and heavy metals. A physical alloy in which no chemical components have been used and whose result is an ultrafine and highly resistant layer.

Durability and resistance

Finally, the Everlux bathroom faucets are highly resistant to scratches, shocks and abrasive cleaning products to ensure a high durability surface. An intense, uniform and unchanging color thanks to an anticorrosive and anti-limescale treatment that does not wear over time.