Discover how EP1 activates the flush of the built-in cistern without you hardly realizing it.

If you appreciate that your needs are anticipated, or that others look out for you and for your environment, the electronic operating plates put technology at the service of your comfort and sustainability in the bathroom. As an evolution of the push button for built-in cistern, Roca has conceived EP1, which offers an automatic or sensor-activated dual flush. An innovative solution that will not only help you to save water in the toilet but will also add a touch of distinction as it is manufactured in glass and features configurable lighting in different colors.

Adapt it to your Roca toilet

EP1 is a sophisticated electronic operating plate that will make a difference in the toilet area. This technological solution, compatible with all Roca installation systems, will help you optimize the use of water regardless of your bathroom space.

Customize it to your taste

With its unique contemporary design, Roca’s electronic operating plates feature a back-lit surface with two stripes that activate alternatively depending on the use of a greater or smaller volume of water. To adapt it to your preferences, you can configure EP1 in up to four colors -Orange, Blue, Purple or Green- and activate a sound warning each time it is switched on.

Choose how to activate it

As it is equipped with “touchless” technology, EP1 uses presence sensors to activate the flush of the cistern without you hardly realizing it. You can configure it so that it activates when you move your hand closer to the plate or, for greater comfort, you may choose the automatic option in which the toilet cleans itself a short while after use or when you approach it.

Choose the volume of the flush

With EP1 you will be able to customize the double flush of your dual toilet and establish the volume of water that will clean the bowl every time you activate the cistern. It therefore becomes the perfect ally to ensure the saving of water and energy efficiency in the bathroom.

Guarantees maximum hygiene in the toilet

Moreover, EP1 allows you to program the operating plate so that it performs an extra flush every 24 hours with the aim of ensuring the maximum cleanliness in the WC.