Discover the latest materials and technologies that help you keep your bathroom in perfect shape.

As we increasingly value health at home, we surround ourselves with objects and technologies that protect us from coming in contact with harmful microorganisms in our most private space. With an expertise of more than one hundred years in the search for comfort, Roca develops products that guarantee hygiene at home not only because they contribute to making cleaning easier, but also because they are manufactured in materials that prevent the buildup of dirt, are improved with antibacterial properties or designed to avoid hand contact.

Senceramic®, highly antislip vitreous china

As a result of an ongoing research process, Roca has developed innovative materials that improve traditional vitreous china with renovated designs and impressive features. Cratos shower trays, highly antislip and extraslim for a perfect integration in the bathroom floor, are manufactured in Senceramic®. As resistant as vitreous china, Senceramic® keeps the shine and properties of the piece intact in spite of the use of disinfectants or abrasive products. Due to its zero porosity, this material is 100 % hygienic and easy to clean, as it does not absorb any water, therefore preventing the proliferation of bacteria. When designing your bathroom space, bear in mind that you can cut the Cratos shower tray to size, while deciding which of its five finishes best define your style: Matt White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl or Onyx.

Supralit®, a 100 % antibacterial resin

If stepping up cleaning measures is a trend inside and outside our homes, there is nothing as useful as having a surface that already offers antibacterial properties. This is the case of Supralit®, the resin with which most seats and covers of Roca WCs and bidets are manufactured. Its exclusive treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria and enables the manufacturing of pieces that are much safer when in contact with hands. Moreover, thanks to its malleability, Supralit® allows for soft and rounded shapes that remove any angles to make cleaning easier.

Rimless, WCs without internal angles

Keeping optimum hygiene levels in the WC is a priority in any home. Its disinfection is essential to ensure it remains germ-free but its inner walls can turn out to be a problem when cleaning. Roca’s Rimless technology removes the traditional rim water used to flow through to offer an inner surface that is entirely smooth, with no nooks or corners where dirt might build up. Thus, it is enough to use a sponge impregnated in bleach or any other soapy product to achieve a swift and efficient disinfection of the inside of the toilet.