WCs, shower trays or bathroom accessories designed to make your life easier.

When the passage of time affects your confidence, when mobility problems begin, renovating the bathroom for the elderly will allow you to retain your autonomy. Install a high WC, an adapted shower or a bathroom grab rail and feel protected while enjoying the peace of mind you deserve.

We start with the high WCs for the elderly, which raise the position of the bowl to alleviate your knees and help you sit down and stand up more easily. These special WCs will not only allow you to retain your independence for longer, they will also help caregivers.

Without leaving the toilet, or a bathroom stool, you will be able to perform your daily rituals: brush your teeth, put on makeup or shave while sitting comfortably. Tilting mirrors, especially conceived for reduced mobility cases, allow you to adjust them to your liking with the minimum effort.

As you move around the bathroom, how many times have you missed a support point? Available in a wide range of dimensions and finishes, the bathroom grab rails can help you when you use the WC or access the bath. Because you will find a variety of bathroom accessories for the elderly at Roca, install them where you need them most by checking that their anti-slip and electrically insulated coating has been designed to protect you.

Even with incipient mobility problems, a mere edge or step can complicate habits as essential as taking a shower. Because renovating a bathroom for the elderly also means eliminating any kind of barriers, install Walk-in enclosures and enjoy the maximum accessibility. As they do not have any doors or profiles on the floor, not only do they prevent you from tripping over when entering the shower area, the existence of more space also helps caregivers when carrying out their work.

Once the barriers in the bathroom area have been removed, the shower tray also needs to guarantee the greatest safety. When installing showers for the elderly it is essential to have an extraslim shower tray, floor-leveled and anti-slip. As they are manufactured in Stonex®, the Roca resin shower trays manage to avoid slips while at the same time offering a natural texture that is very pleasant to the touch.

Finally, we cannot forget the shower faucets because their choice can also make a difference in bathroom rituals. In a bathroom adapted to the elderly, thermostatic shower faucets are a must because they avoid any sudden temperature changes, as well as the overheating of the chromed elements. If you also choose built-in options, most of the product will be installed behind the wall, thus contributing to the removal of obstacles.