Creating textural patterns and surfaces adds style to the bathroom space

Whether it’s a wall surface or bathroom furniture, there are many ways to add texture for a warmer and more unique décor.

Adding texture gives a bathroom a more dynamic and inviting design. The first question might be, what does ‘adding texture’ specifically mean when it comes to decorating and designing a bathroom space? Texture can be applied in many different ways from materials, such as stone or wood, to surfaces such as tiling or wall treatments, and it can also refer to colour, contrasts and surface coatings such as matt or glossy, patterned or brushed.

Whether it’s a minimalist look or a more eclectic décor, texture can help create the desired effect. Textural patterns and surfaces add subtle layers to a design – bringing in touches of nature, warmth, modernism, vintage or Nordic styles, among others.

When we look at bathroom furniture, there is such a diverse landscape of designs, styles, colours and surfaces to choose from. Wood grain surfaces are increasingly popular choices on bathroom furniture. With a range of tones and grains, from Nordic ash to a darker oak, this textural pattern adds a dynamic look to the bathroom. Both modern and Scandinavian in style, it can also add a feeling of warmth and a touch of nature. Textural contrasts can also come through in two-toned cabinetry. White or coloured surfaces combined with wood details, or a deeper blue or green matte finish with highlights in a glossier neutral tone creates an added layer of texture and style.


(Pictured: Ona unik base unit with two drawers, Delta column and Ona countertop accessories in matt green finish.)

bathrooms with style: Ona Unik base unit and Roca mirror

Washbasins can come in several finishes, each with a unique texture. Fineceramic® uses technology to push the potential of fine porcelain for thinner walls that allow more movement and can have matt or glossy textures; the matt tactile texture of Surfex® basins is applied to angular and geometric forms, while the classic and always elegant glossy texture of vitreous china is a standard great look. Or opt for another basin entirely with a natural stone over the counter basin, a statement that also brings in an earthy design style.


(Pictured: Inspira over countertop basin)

Textures for bathrooms. Roca natural stone basin

Wall treatments, flooring and tiling are great ways to add texture to the bathroom space. Tiles with textured surfaces, including handmade tiles which are always beautiful, marbled or geometric tiles offer both visual and tactile textural qualities, as does natural stone on the walls or floors. It can also be achieved in the installation of tiles, creating a more layered and textured look. A popular wall surface treatment that gives an artisanal, rough-hewn texture is using gesso. The thick mottled surface of the clay-like gesso, particularly in warm, earthy tones, connects to that feeling of the natural world while being an elegant and neutral addition. Wallpaper is another popular choice and can truly transform a space.


(Pictured: Ariane Stonex® bath in white finish)

Roca oval bath in bathroom with style

Accessories are easy ways to bring in additional textures. Towels – whether plush and thick bath towels, hammam style or vintage linen, these subtle accents do make a difference. Accessories such as ceramic or stone soap dishes also look great.

Roca black soap dish for different bathroom styles

(Pictured: Hotels Round over countertop soap dish in matt black)

The shower space is also where textures can be applied in an interesting way. The Terran and the Pyros Stonex* collections of shower trays in an example of where texture is both functional and aesthetic. In this case, the textured surface of the STONEX* material makes the shower tray anti-slip, which as anyone who has taken a shower with a slippery base can understand is a very helpful quality, but the stone-like look of the material creates a natural element, an earthy, organic texture that is at the same time, stylish and sophisticated. Colours that range from slate to coffee to deep black, offer a range of possibilities. The contrast of the STONEX* against glossier ceramic tiles on the walls offers a textural quality as well. The STONEX* surface treatments on baths and spas creates an interesting texture as well


Whether through basins, furniture units, wall treatments or shower trays, there are many ways to bring in texture to your bathroom for a more personal and attractive space.


(Pictured: Pyros Stonex® shower tray in onyx finish)

Textures for bathrooms with Roca Stonex shower tray