Creating textural patterns and surfaces adds style to the bathroom space

Whether it’s a wall surface or bathroom furniture, there are many ways to add texture for a warmer and more unique décor.

Adding texture gives a bathroom a more dynamic and inviting design. The first question might be, what does ‘adding texture’ specifically mean when it comes to decorating and designing a bathroom space? Texture can be applied in many different ways from materials, such as stone or wood, to surfaces such as tiling or wall treatments, and it can also refer to colour, contrasts and surface coatings such as matt or glossy, patterned or brushed.

Whether it’s a minimalist look or a more eclectic décor, texture can help create the desired effect. Textural patterns and surfaces add subtle layers to a design – bringing in touches of nature, warmth, modernism, vintage or Nordic styles, among others.

Accessories are easy ways to bring in additional textures. Towels – whether plush and thick bath towels, hammam style or vintage linen, these subtle accents do make a difference. Accessories such as ceramic or stone soap dishes also look great.

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