A brief tour of the Roca baths confirms that it is possible to have it all: comfort, aesthetics, functionality and style.

As installing a freestanding bath is much more than just choosing a bathroom piece and implies devoting a specific space to comfort and wellbeing, this element has been updated these last few years to adapt to different styles and personalities. Join us in a tour of Roca freestanding baths, from the most classic to the most innovative ones and start finding a space for them in your home.

Carmen and Newcast, two classic tributes to the bath with feet

In Carmen, every detail recalls vintage baths and therefore its chrome drain is fully external and one of its sides slightly extends upwards to envelop the body and provide head support, as it was traditional in the 19th century models.

In one of Roca’s iconic designs, NewCast updates the classic bath with feet, leaving space for innovation in the choice of color and details. Fully manufactured in cast iron and with a dimension of 700x850x420 mm, its design is available in a White, Bordeaux, Blue Marine and Grey outer finish.

Maui, a freestanding bath between two worlds

In a contemporary tribute to the traditional shapes of vintage baths, but without disregarding the sobriety and modernity of the trendiest design, Maui unites the past and the present in a freestanding bath manufactured in white Stonex®. In two versions, Maui Round has an oval shape in 1500x700x660 mm and extends one of its ends to provide head support. On the other hand, Maui Square, with a dimension of 1660x700x630 mm, features slightly square lines that make up a fully symmetrical design.

Virginia, a contemporary soul in an oval bath

Compact and undeniably modern, Virginia is the most urban proposal of all Roca freestanding baths. A one-piece design manufactured in acrylics and with dimensions of 1700x800x560 mm capable of fitting into any interior design proposal. Due to its subtle lines and rounded shapes, the Virginia freestanding bath becomes a versatile and comfortable bathroom piece with capacity for two people.