Mirrors with LED lighting or bathroom spotlights to keep even the smallest detail of your grooming routines under control.

Because they welcome us every morning and embrace us at night, the bathroom mirrors with light are an essential complement not only to gaze at our reflection but also to help us take care of our daily hygiene and grooming. Customize the lighting of your bathroom in accordance with the needs of every member of the family by installing a mirror with lights or a bathroom spotlight. Discover a wide range of solutions conceived to design custom-made lighting that meets your requirements and is modern and efficient at the same time.

Bathroom mirrors with light: improve your reflection

Whether you are searching for LED mirrors to save energy in the bathroom or a design piece used as a decorative mirror, at Roca you will find a whole array of shapes and sizes with functions conceived for your wellbeing.


Available as a square, rectangular or round mirror, Iridia innovates with perimeter lighting and demister device, featuring touch sensors to adjust the light intensity: according to your grooming needs and, why not, to your mood. Likewise, Prisma incorporates movement sensors to activate its demister device, upper light and lower ambient light in a square or rectangular format. Eidos, a mirror with LED lighting that connects to the bathroom switch, also comes in these same shapes, in different dimensions.

Bathroom lighting: the ideal complement for your mirror

If you already have a mirror, what you need is to install a bathroom spotlight that rounds out the ensemble and provides a performance to suit your needs.


Smartlight is a spotlight for bathroom mirror that features a remote control that allows you to choose from three different lighting scenarios —makeup, shaving and ambient— and adjust the intensity and temperature of the light for a fully customized experience. If you are searching for a simpler solution, with Starlight you will have 6 w LED lighting that you can easily hang from your bathroom mirror, while Moonlight offers the same power with a slightly wider beam of light.