With fine lines and an innovative color proposal, Roca has turned the hygienic shower into a design element.

Practical and functional, the bidet shower no longer goes unnoticed but becomes a highly aesthetic piece in the bathroom space. Available in three modern colors with the exclusive Everlux coating, Be Fresh Go adds a sophisticated touch to this element in Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Titanium Black and also has the option of a White finish. Furthermore, in traditional chrome, Be Fresh One provides maximum practicality to complete intimate hygiene in the WC area.


Simply by lifting the bidet shower from the wall bracket and activating the water outlet using the push button or lever, Be Fresh bidet showers bring intimate hygiene with water to the WC area in a compact and easy-to-use solution.

Wide range of finishes

In Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Titanium Black, Be Fresh Go stands out with great sophistication to be combined with other Roca faucets. In chrome, Be Fresh One ensures permanent shine thanks to the Evershine coating.

In chrome, Be Fresh One guarantees its permanent shine thanks to the Evershine coating.

Quick installation

Adaptable to any bathroom space, the Be Fresh bidet showers offer different options with one or two water outlets for cold or cold and hot water. Depending on the format, it can be connected to a wall or integrated water inlet, or even to the WC cistern.


Easy to clean

Thanks to the anti-limescale jets that prevent the buildup of sediments, Roca bidet showers are very easy to clean. Furthermore, the removable covering plate of the jet in the Be Fresh One models simplifies maintenance even more.


The integrated auto-stop button in some Be Fresh models minimizes the risk of water leaks, providing total safety.


The use of toilet paper and wet wipes is drastically reduced with the installation of any hygienic shower of the Be Fresh collection.