Colored shower trays that replicate natural textures with a marked antislip feature.

Modern, original, customizable. Thanks to their outstanding performance, the resin shower trays have turned bathroom renovations into an outpouring of creativity, a wave of inspiring colors and textures providing maximum safety and durability.

Find out how the extraslim design of Stonex® and its marked antislip property become your true partners when stress is a daily element, while its appealing finishes replicating stone or wood make you feel protected when you enjoy an eternal shower.

Easy to clean and highly resistant to wear and tear, abrasion or chemical agents, these custom-made shower trays are available in White, Black, Slate or Coral. Tones with a worn effect or radically intense combined with frames or wastes in the same color as the shower tray, so that you can design a wide array of modern showers.

Terran, colored shower trays with or without frame

Up to 8 different hues make up the wide range of colors of Terran, antislip shower trays in White, Off White, Black or Slate, and also in Cement, Cream, Sand and Coral. In a square or rectangular format, the collection invites you to recreate the roughness of stone in an extraslim version that is only 26 mm thick, or to raise the height of the shower tray with up to 4 decorative frames.


Aquos, resin shower trays with steel waste or Stonex® cover in different colors

Sobriety stands out in the color proposal of the Aquos collection, which on the one hand offers shower trays in Slate, in Cement, Black or Moka; and on the other hand, clean solutions in White or Off White. If you find the industrial style appealing, its rectangular models with relief recall natural stone and can be complemented by a side waste with stainless steel grid. If you prefer, it is also possible to conceal the water outlet under a cover manufactured in Stonex® in the same color as the shower tray.


Helios, extraslim shower trays with colored grid

Wooden textures are the key to Helios, a collection of shower trays for modern showers in White, Slate, Black or Cream, and also in the hues with a worn effect Light Aged Wood and Aged Wood. If you are planning a bathroom renovation where everything fits into place, these Roca shower trays in a rectangular format feature a grid for the waste in the same color as the shower tray, in order to obtain a balanced composition that perfectly integrates into any space.