Feel nature in your home with the most suggestive textures.

Sometimes the day-to-day routine invites us to stop and just feel. Sharpen our five senses and recreate ourselves with sounds, aromas, colours or textures. Reinterpreting the most inspiring shades and reliefs, the bathroom and kitchen tiles have sought to evoke these sensations with proposals for natural wall and floor tiles. To protect yourself in the warmth of wood or the rough touch of stone, we present four collections with an authentic organic soul, four reflections of nature with porcelain essence to guarantee maximum resistance and durability.

STONE. The naturalness of slate or the elegance of Italian piacentina

Because the texture of stone can fit into different styles and personalities, Roca has reinterpreted its characteristic reliefs in bathroom and kitchen tiles in a stone-like style with the highest quality standards.

With Cliff the charismatic look of slate resurfaces as a natural wall and floor tile, especially suitable for high-transit areas that require the highest resistance to wear and tear. As a coloured porcelain tile proposal, Cliff tiles have an extra hardness that will meet expectations not only in crowded places but also in outdoor fa├žades.

Available in the traditional Black slate colour, as well as in White and Grey, the pieces in the Cliff collection will retain their original shade over time. As a distinctive touch, you can combine its special paving stone base with up to four smooth pieces in different sizes, having the possibility of choosing the rectified range, which visually eliminates the joints between tiles.



Travelling in time and space, the Piacentina collection chooses to reproduce the unmistakable roughness of this traditional Italian stone to give shape to industrially inspired environments, both in homes and in public use installations. The resistance of porcelain is captured in the most natural way, with the mineral finish of Piacentina itself at the service of evocative compositions.

Available in three shades – White, Grey and Sand -, Piacentina offers a high range with smooth and rectified edges, and three more formats in different sizes. You will have a whole range of aesthetic possibilities within your reach, in which you can incorporate its decorated version that reproduces a mesh.

WOOD. The most resistant woodwork or the nobleness of the natural grain

Few materials make us feel so in touch with nature as wood. Reinterpreting its warmth, Roca has managed not only to reproduce its profiles and natural features but also to improve its performance in exclusive collections of kitchen and bathroom tiles with a wooden style.

To choose Liceo is to choose the maximum resistance in coloured porcelain. Specially designed for spaces with very high transit, this natural flooring has the backing of the Rock&Rock collection, with extraordinary technical features that guarantee its durability.

Inspired by northern European woodwork, Liceo stands out for offering a wider traditional format than usual. Its marked classic character is demonstrated in its four shades – Maple, Grey, Oak and Moka – as well as in the realistic details that reproduce the grain of the wood or the shades of the varnish.

With Flamant, nature in its purest form invades walls and floors. Styles inspired by expeditions, botany or basketwork can take shape with these tiles that emulate untreated natural wood.

In a single format as an elongated plank, Flamant reinterprets steamed wood with white grains of worn appearance offering multiple possibilities of configuration. Its four shades – Grey, Spruce, Oak and Ebony – are available not only in smooth pieces but also in up to seven decorated versions, with which you can create the most inspiring combinations, emulating carefully crafted marquetry.

Because stone and wood can find their place in any public or private space, enjoy the best of nature with the highest performance of porcelain tiles.