Basins With Personality

Now is the moment to go for a striking over countertop basin in your bathroom

The basin is increasingly becoming a statement piece which no design- conscious homeowner can afford to take lightly. While the basin’s basic functions remain the same as ever, the past decade has seen a wave of exciting new designs that question long-held beliefs and explore new forms. This has been made possible in large part due to new technologies such as Roca’s Fineceramic® material, which allows for pieces that are lighter and finer than ever before, and for the design of shapes and dimensions that were previously not viable.

Over countertop basins are especially on-trend this year. These bold designs free the basin from its traditional setting on a pedestal or in a vanity, daring to put its form on display and reimagining what shape it can adopt. Here, we take a look at some of Roca’s most exciting new basin designs and how they can give a fresh look to your bathroom space.


Installing a unique over countertop basin in your bathroom is a simple and effective way to bring both cosy and contemporary feel to your bathroom space. Roca also offers other over countertop options in collections such as The Gap (round or square), Inspira (soft, round or square), Beyond and Bol.


(Pictured: The Gap over countertop basin)

Over countertop basins are one of the most relevant trends this year

On-trend:Purely Natural

The Ohtake collection was created by the late Brazilian architect and designer Ruy Ohtake, who throughout his life took inspiration from forms found in nature: the sea, the sky, and what he considered the purest form of design, the egg. His collection for Roca unites these elements in a set of functional yet playful basins in a variety of colour options. With their flowing curves and wavelike forms, Ohtake basins are guaranteed to make a splash.

(Pictured: Ohtake over countertop basin in matt black)

Mediterranean elements in this on-trend collection for 2023

Geometry in Motion

Horizon’s basins take their inspiration from the lines of the urban environment: intersecting streets, the play of light and shadow cast by buildings, the line of the horizon in the distance. These striking, geometric basins engage the eye as they play with dimension, angle and slope. The basins’ straight, crisp lines and fine edges would be difficult to achieve by traditional methods, but were made possible in this collection by employing Roca’s exclusive Fineceramic® material, which is both lighter and more durable than normal ceramics.


(Pictured: Horizon over countertop vitreous china basin with taphole)

Urban geometry, one of the latest trends for basins

Inspired Shapes and Forms

The Inspira Collection offers multiple possibilities in the bathroom space and is designed with three distinctive styles: round, square and soft, a new design that blends rounded forms with angular lines for a unique look. The washbasin is available as over countertop as well as an integrated Unik basin, and is made with Fineceramic®, the innovative, high-performance ceramic material that adds a sense of lightness to the basins and allows for thinner walls and more sculptural designs. The basins are available in several finishes, including glossy or matt, with trendy colour choices such as beige, coffee and onyx.

(Pictured: Inspira Round over countertop Fineceramic® basin)

On-trend colours: beige, coffee and onyx

Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Ona collection is one of Roca’s latest collections for the bathroom space. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture and design, these basins are a subtle composition of elegant curves, soft lines and warm colours. Ona offers bold over countertop basins that can pair with any surface, or in countertop options which integrate seamlessly into one of Ona’s stately, storage-conscious furniture units.


(Pictured: Ona over countertop basin)

Roca’s Ona collection features one of this year’s trends: soft and curved lines

Modern Urban Style

With its versatile circular, square or semi-circular shape, Optica offers a new take on the classic basin. Simple, organic forms are light, durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for the modern bathroom. The ceramic basins are available in a variety of colours and finishes, so there is sure to be an Optica basin for every bathroom space.


(Pictured: Optica over countertop vitreous china basin without taphole)