Extremely durable and resistant, the Everlux copper colored faucets fill the bathroom space with elegance and charm.

When sophistication is determined by details, elements like a basin faucet in rose gold define bathroom spaces with a unique personality. Roca launches this finish in different collections thanks to Everlux, a new and exclusive highly durable coating. The alloy of extremely hard noble metals creates a finish that remains in perfect condition over time and an anticorrosive surface that is incredibly resistant to scratches and cleaning agents. In designs with side handles, slim cylinder-like shapes, geometrical planes and ergonomic lines, the refined copper colored faucets are the ideal choice for unique bathroom spaces.

Insignia, exquisite design

The fine outline and stylish side handle of Insignia are highlighted with the Rose Gold finish. Elegant deck-mounted basin faucets that feature the Cold Start opening system to prevent the accidental activation of the boiler. Combined with the intensity of the Onyx finish in a Beyond or Inspira basin, the result can be extremely glamorous and elegant. But if you wish to draw attention to the shower space, the best option is a built-in single-lever or thermostatic mixer, with a high visual impact.

Naia, minimalism and fineness

The metallic beauty of the copper colored faucet fills the minimalist designs of Naia with spirit in a collection with defined cylindrical lines. Delicate basin and bidet faucets, with an opening system that adjusts the water flow with maximum softness and precision.  And to add a touch of sophistication to the bath, the Rose Gold finish enhances the straight angles of the wall spout in the Square version.

Sensum, wellbeing in the shower

The comfort of a multifunction hand-shower is now combined with the color intensity of Everlux. With a diameter of 130 mm in a circular format, Sensum in Rose Gold creates an irresistible visual effect and allows the adjustment of four functions to provide a feeling of wellbeing: Rain, relaxing Night Rain, Pulse for a soft massage and Tonic, for invigoration. The entire shower set, with an adjustable 800 mm shower bar and a metallic 1700 mm shower hose is available in the same finish to add even more personality to the bathroom space.

Stella Stick, functionality and aesthetics

When you opt for basin faucets in rose gold, the perfect complement is another element in the same finish. With a tubular shape and a diameter of 25 mm, the hand-shower Stella Stick Round combines elegance and the invigorating rain effect that directs the water stream wherever it is required.

RainSense, the enveloping shower

Those who prefer a cascade-like water flow, find the perfect combination of design and performance in the RainSense shower-head. In Rose Gold, its extraslim design stands out in bathroom spaces with high-impact elements. Square or round, its 300 mm diameter allows you to fully enjoy an enveloping and revitalizing shower. Furthermore, the support arm for wall or ceiling installation is also available in copper gold, to provide a coordinated look.