Roca moves forward in its path towards excellence with exclusive materials for the manufacturing of highly antislip shower trays that combine design and safety.

As soft and restorative as walking in the woods… That is the pleasant feeling generated by Roca’s antislip shower trays when in contact with our skin. Evocative proposals that reconnect our senses to the most authentic textures without forgoing outstanding features related to safety, resistance and hygiene. Manufactured in exclusive materials and offering the cut-to-size option, these pieces will add charm and functionality to any bathroom space. Discover the uniqueness of Senceramic®, Stonex® and Surfex® and choose the best partner for your bathroom space.

Senceramic®, a new level of ceramics

Roca has improved its ceramic component by creating Senceramic®, the antislip material Cratos shower trays are manufactured with. Quintessentially hygienic, ceramics is very easy to clean as its zero porosity prevents the absorption of humidity or the spread of bacteria.  With a textured surface that is pleasant to touch, Senceramic® is resistant to abrasive products and UV light, therefore keeping its properties over time. Additionally, and thanks to its ultrafine format, Cratos can be installed at floor level to create a sophisticated shower space filled with personality. In matt White, Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx, there are endless combination possibilities with other pieces within the bathroom space. A centered drain in a barely noticeable circular shape and a rectangular design round out this ceramic shower tray, available in ten different dimensions that range from 1000 x 700 mm to 1800 x 800 mm.

Stonex®, the versatility and strength of stone

As nature can sometimes be improved, Roca has developed an exclusive mixture of high-quality resins and mineral charges to create Stonex®, an extremely hard formulation used in the manufacturing of slate shower trays with improved performance. An innovative and antislip rough texture that generates a very natural feeling when touched. Resistant to wear and tear, discoloration or chemical agents, Stonex® provides durability and is easy to clean thanks to its zero porosity. With an ultraslim format that is perfectly integrated into the bathroom floor, this material is so versatile it offers endless design possibilities in different models.

With a modern rectangular design, Aquos features the option of an exposed metal grid or one that is concealed under a cover in the same finish. With an innovative wooden texture, Helios stands out for the elegance of its lines and the discretion of a central compact drain.

And finally, Terran replicates the relief of stone in quadrangular, rectangular and triangular formats, as well as enabling installation with or without frame. As for finishes, all models are available in seven hues: White, Beige, Pearl, Slate, Coffee, Onyx and Black. Additionally, Helios is also available in Aged Wood and Light Aged Wood, which highlight the slate effect.

Surfex®, outstanding softness and warmth to the touch