Imagine a shower tray in which you set the boundaries. Choose dimensions, design and finish, without sacrificing greater safety and comfort. Reject any preconceived ideas because resin shower trays are here to completely transform your bathroom rituals. Endorsed by the antislip properties of the exclusive Stonex® material, we present three models packed with style that will not only give you maximum peace of mind under the shower, but will also provide a versatile natural texture that fits into all kinds of bathrooms.

AQUOS, the relief of stone with the trendiest design

Choosing an Aquos resin shower tray is a commitment to the safety offered by Stonex® and the most exclusive interpretation of nature’s textures. With any of the six available finishes –White, Off White, Moka, Slate, Black and Cement-, you will be able to customize that space where you disconnect from the routine and enjoy the inspiring relief of the stone under your feet.

In its commitment to design, the Aquos shower tray offers the possibility or covering its large side drain with a stainless steel grid, or rather with a drain cover manufactured in Stonex® in the same finish as the shower base.

The customization of the Aquos shower trays also affects their size: their defined rectangular shape can be cut to size starting with a minimum of 800x600mm up to a maximum of 2000x1000mm. This last option is ideal if you intend to easily replace the bath without losing a millimetre of usable space for your bathroom routines.


TERRAN, the nuances of nature in a square or rectangular format

The Terran shower trays collection extends the range of shades adopted by the Stonex® antislip compound to recall the texture of stone in your moments under the shower: Coral, White, Off White, Black, Cement, Sand, Slate and Cream; eight original finishes for eight different ways of conceiving style in a bathroom space.

Increasing the design possibilities, Terran can be installed with or without frame, either with the most minimalist aesthetics and a reduced height or a greater depth thanks to the perimeter frame.

Thanks to the versatility of the collection, you will be able to choose between a square (800x800mm or 900x900mm) or a rectangular shower tray. In this second case, the sizes can range between the 800x600mm and the 2000x1000mm of the King Size format.


HELIOS, the texture of wood under your feet

If you go for noble materials, you will be seduced by the unique relief of the Helios resin shower trays, which replicate the warmth of wood. Manufactured with natural pigments, you can choose from six finishes: White, Light Aged Wood, Aged Wood, Black, Cream or the shower base in Slate; all of them fit perfectly in a wide range of interior design styles.

To achieve a sophisticated and even integration, the drain grid of the Helios collection is manufactured in stainless steel and coated in a finish matching the colour of the shower tray.

Before enjoying a pleasant shower with the latest features in safety and comfort, you will only need to choose the size you need: between a minimum of 800x600mm and a maximum of 1600x800mm.


As shower trays are no longer limited to small bathrooms and have reinvented their functionality to find a space in the most sophisticated interior designs, choose the design that suits you best and relax under the water…

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