Forget cumbersome renovation works and discover resin shower trays, ideal to replace your bath with the unprecedented safety of Stonex®

You have thought about it for a long time, but you don’t wish to make your life more complicated. You know that you can replace your bath with a shower tray to make your bathroom more open and accessible, but you are still hesitant to start with the renovation. If this is your case, take a step forward because replacing a bath with a shower tray is easier than you imagine. Ideal to save space or adapt the bathroom to the elderly or to users with reduced mobility, the Stonex® shower trays offer multiple possibilities in terms of configuration and finishes. And if you wish to round them off with an elegant and easy-to-install shower enclosure, enjoy the fact that Naray allows you to replace the drill with adhesive.

Custom size shower trays

Before starting renovations, you may have doubts as to which type of solution to install. Should this be the case, you have a reason to celebrate, because the cut-to-size option available for Roca resin shower trays will turn the replacement of a bath with a shower tray into a definite success, regardless of the surface you wish to occupy. If you dream of a large shower tray, as spacious as your old bath, the Aquos and Terran collections offer the King Size format, 2000 mm long. If, on the contrary, you are searching for a small shower tray, Stonex® also allows solutions with a reduced size such as the Helios collection.

Extra-slim shower trays

If you need a solution that increases the feeling of spaciousness while eliminating all architectural barriers, is there a better way to achieve it than with floor-leveled shower trays? Thus, while replacing your bath with a shower tray you will also facilitate the access, avoiding stumbling and jolts. Make sure that the floor level has the necessary depth and find the resin shower tray that best fits your bathroom.

Anti-slip shower trays

Installing shower trays manufactured in Stonex® not only allows you to experience all benefits of extra-slim design, it also invites you to enjoy different natural textures filled with nuances. Recall the elegance of wood or feel the roughness of stone with an anti-slip surface that provides maximum safety in the shower.

Colored shower trays

Now that you know that you can replace your bath with an extra-slim and anti-slip shower tray of any dimension, what do you think of choosing its finish to match the bathroom decoration? The Roca resin shower trays are available in multiple colors that remain unchanging despite the passage of time: from the joyful Coral and the elegant Coffee, Slate, Cement and Black, to the soft Cream and Sand or the clean White and Off White. Choose a concealed or exposed drain and you will be ready to enjoy these modern shower trays, very easy to clean and maintain, just using water.

Shower trays with enclosure

Finally, if you wish to round off the process of replacing a bath with a shower tray with an enclosure, we propose a practical solution, including a robe hook. Thanks to the possibility of adhesive fixing, the Naray enclosure can be installed without drilling the wall. As it lacks lower rails, this modern enclosure can also be installed level with the shower tray, for a safer access. If it were not enough, in order to make cleaning easier, it includes the Maxiclean® treatment that repels water and prevents limescale and dirt from building up on its surface.