A Touch of Colour

Colour is finding its way into the bathroom space in unexpected and delightful ways

This intimate and personal space, where we spend a good amount of time each day, should reflect a sense of joy and personality, and colour is a great design element that can create that possibility. Update your bathroom with painted walls, colourful ceramics, or bold pieces of furniture. Decide your style and find the best way to apply colour to your bathroom space.

Create a colourful wall

Painting the walls is often the first idea that comes to mind when thinking about sprucing up your bathroom with a bit of colour, and it certainly can transform the space. A wall of colourful ceramics can also make a bold statement without taking over the whole bathroom. Subtle pastel colours, such as yellows, light greens, soft blues and pinks, have long been popular in the bathroom, though increasingly, dark tones, such as dark brown or brick red, are also being used.


(Pictured: Vythos double-ended rectangular bath, The Gap over countertop round basin and Luna ambient mirror)

Colour on walls adds character to the bathroom space

Make a statement

One way to add colour to your bathroom, without touching the walls, is to add a colourful piece of furniture as the centrepiece of your space. Choose units to set the mood and complement your chosen style, such as glossy white for an urban look or wood finishes for a modern Scandinavian or rustic-chic aesthetic. Go bold with the blue Optica unit, which will stand out against a white, light blue or grey wall. For a modern look, Inspiras sleek and stylish pieces allow you to combine different colours, such as terracotta, matt white or natural wood finishes, with a contrasting dark, metallic profile. Go one step further and create a unified space with matching accessories from the Ona collection. Available in a muted palette of colours (white, green or sand), Ona’s four pieces of accessories combine perfectly with the bathroom furniture in the same range of colours.


(Pictured: Optica base unit with two drawers, over countertop basin, Cala faucet and Hotels accessories)

Furniture units add personality to bathroom spaces

Metallic finishes for stylish bathrooms

Chrome’s silvery hue is a timeless, modern classic in bathroom fixtures, but new metallic colour tones are turning heads, particularly rose gold. Rose gold is not shy about its beauty. Luxurious, contemporary, with an innate appeal, it mixes seamlessly with white, black or brown washbasins adding in a pop of radiant energy into the bathroom space.


(Pictured: Stella Stick round hand shower with rain function and Ona built-in shower mixer)

Colour in the chrome finish of faucets changes the bathroom space entirely

Black or White: A Timeless Bathroom Space

Elegant and timeless, black adds a sophisticated and classic touch and can easily be combined with accessories in other colours. Enter the new matt white faucets of the Cala collection and accessories of Hotels collection, a new range in the design of bathroom spaces. Black and white never go out of style and now you don’t have to choose which one to use in your bathroom design; use white for a clean and fresh feel and add black to give your space more depth and richness.

(Pictured: Hotels wall-mounted soap dispenser and tumbler)

Black and white, the timeless and stylish option for your bathroom

In seventh heaven

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to colours for your washbasin. Keep it simple and timeless with glossy or matt white, choose onyx, pearl, beige or coffee for a neutral and elegant look, or add a touch of sophistication with our newest addition, matt black, available in our newest washbasins. Create a real sensation by adding the beautiful Ohtake matt black washbasin, a design sure to impress and stand out in your bathroom space.


(Pictured: Over countertop Ohtake basin)


Finishes in onyx, beige, pearl, coffee… create the perfect bathroom space

Whether you choose bold hues or warm tones, mix and match or stick to one colour, now is the time to get inspired with a touch of colour in the bathroom space.