Discover the latest in tiles that replicate stone, proposals that recall cement or tiles that replicate parquet, as well as colored tiles in modern bathrooms or marble floors for retro kitchens.

As they help you shape your life’s stage by covering floors and walls, bathroom or kitchen tiles are much more than just a decoration element. Capable of filling a living room with warmth or turning a bedroom into a space with an industrial style, today we present you with 5 trends in tiles to be applied all around your home.

Renovate the bathroom or the kitchen with stone or cement textures, add the elegance of marble or wood or opt for an original touch of color. Discover the Roca tiles collections that meet every need or, even better, that provide the perfect fit for every inspiration.

1. Tiles that replicate marble to add a classic, Mid Century or Art Deco touch

For those who look into the future without leaving tradition behind, marble floors and walls are essential to design classic bathrooms or kitchens with a sophisticated flair. If you search for tiles that imitate marble and recall the pavements of ancient Rome, Marmore Parana invites you to greatly increase brightness with grey and golden veining on a white background, also ideal for enveloping modern Mid Century-style spaces.

In order to reinvent the concept with a touch of color, opt for the glossy polish of Marble Noveau and its iridescent nuances on a blue base so typical of Art Déco. Both collections are available in a striking 120×120 cm porcelain format with outstanding technical features for maximum resistance.

2. The look of cement to fit into an industrial style

As decorating in a palette of greys does not have to be boring, kitchen and bathroom tiles that replicate cement are also in full trend. Not only as elegant industrial-style surfaces, but also as tiles with relief capable of reinventing the texture of concrete. Discover unprecedented proposals with Abaco, such as its In&Out pieces, soft antislip floor tiles conceived for the maximum indoor and outdoor endurance. Available as smooth porcelain tiles, with wavy or square patterns, or as brick walls, you will also be able to install their tiles with geometrical patterns in different colors.

In addition to providing purity to the cement effect with the option of a White finish, Weekend proposes kitchen or bathroom tiles like the hydraulic tiles or its pieces with asymmetrical prisms. Dare to combine its array of sizes and finishes with different hues and weaves both in floor and wall tiles.

3. Tiles that replicate stone to turn to nature

Wall tiles that replicate stone or those floors that seem to take us to the foot of a mountain offer such an array of nuances that they continue to be the preferred choice for refurbishments. Flat, with checkered reliefs and lines or hexagon-shaped, you can choose the Basel bathroom or kitchen tiles, porcelain pieces in different formats inspired by volcanic rock.

The warmth of handcrafted clay takes shape in the Terre collection, which suggests welcoming interiors both in its simple porcelain pieces and in those that reproduce blocks, lines or tiny tesserae, without disregarding its organic creations with natural motifs.

Granite and fire clay bring life to the Couvet bathroom and kitchen tiles, available in different sizes as smooth or hexagon-shaped tiles or recreating an idyllic landscape of palm leaves.

Finally, Limestone plays with shades and reflections to reproduce limestone in a timeless proposal you can install with both square or rectangular tiles or hexagonal mesh.

4. Tiles that replicate parquet to take comfort in the warmth of wood

For those who do not give up on having a sample of the forest at home, there are tiles that replicate wood and pieces that reproduce grains or strips to turn any space of our home into a cozy room. With Bosco you will almost feel the smell of a freshly cut tree thanks to its smooth or lightly embossed pieces that are able to even replicate the knots of a stem in a porcelain tile.

The Abbey collection pays a tribute to pure wood, offering flat o textured tiles with fine lines or thick strips in compact or strikingly elongated formats.

5. Colored tiles to awaken all senses

Finally, if your bathroom or kitchen renovation requires a whole new approach, the new Roca porcelain mosaics offer different possibilities to awaken your inspiration. In a double shade, Niza recalls the charisma of the original hydraulic tiles for all kinds of interior designs and spaces.

Its single multicolored piece is the base of the Art collection to cover your bedroom or living rooms with real watercolor brush strokes in a striking matt finish.

Last but not least, St Tropez surrenders to the predominance of brightness in a wide color range ideal for directing your attention to the point you want in the room.